My Princess’ First Week away from Mommy


Tomorrow marks yet another milestone in my daughter’s life.  Her, my hubby and I will be taking a 3 hour bus trip to Kingston, where for a whole week, she will be left in the care of my sister, without us.   I am not concerned about her safety as my sister is a registered nurse.  I am not even that worried that she will cry when she realizes we’re not there as she has always been an independant sort.  I am more worried that I will be the one that will cry when she’s not at home.  She has never been that far away from me for that long.  She has spent days at her grandma’s before, but we live in the same city, not 3 hours away.

Will she miss our good morning banter? “How did you sleep princess?” “I slept good mom.” Will she miss our morning bus rides to daycare? Will she miss when I first step in the door when I arrive home from work, where she runs and hugs my legs and begins to ramble on about her day?  Will she miss helping me clear the table? Or our goodnight exchange? “Princess, I love you.” “I love you Mom.” “I love you more” “I’ll love you forever Mom.” “And I’ll love you always.”  And everynight before she sticks her thumb in her mouth, and curls her doll under her arm, she whispers; “Always.”  Every night we say this exchange and for the next week, I will have to call to say it.  I won’t be able to brush the blonde curls from her face, tuck her into her brand new big girl bed, and I won’t be able to kiss those round cheeks that make me smile.

I think that it may actually not be her milestone, being far away from mom and dad for a whole week, but mine instead, a week with my only child being so far away.  She is three now and I won’t miss her first step, or first word, but she is at the stage where entertaining all those around is her favourite thing to do.  I will miss her jokes and endless energy.  I will miss when she say’s that I’m the silly goose.  I will miss her hugs, kisses and her “I love you Mom so much.”

* To give a little necessary background info, my significant other is having surgery and due to our work schedule, I drop her off at daycare, he picks her up, he won’t be able to as he will be recovering and on some pretty serious meds.  My sister has graciously offered to watch her and thank goodness, as I can only handle one baby at a time!*

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  1. Oh boy, I hope both of you will be fine … That’s definitely a toughy. I have not been away from any of mine for that long. I’m sure the week will fly by and you’ll be busy dealing with the hubby!!! Good luck to all of you.

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