Chores – Good or bad for young children?


Many parents ask themselves when is the proper time to start giving their children chores, if ever.  I had chores as a kid. I had to clean my room, cut the grass, weed the garden, pile wood, do the dishes, vacuum, laundry, the list goes on.  I don’t think I am any worse for wear from it, in fact, I believe whole-heartedly it was the very best thing for me.  My parents believed that chores instilled work ethic and that they were teaching their children life skills.  I believe the same.  My daughter is only 3 and she has chores, albeit age appropriate chores.

I created her a chore chart.  She got to decorate it with stickers and colour it.  Its broken up into sections; laundry, dishes, garbage, and toys.  For laundry, all she has to do is put her dirty laundry in her hamper.  For the dishes, she has to put her dinner dishes in the sink and when I do the dishes, she helps dry the spoons.  For the garbage chore, I have her put her treat wrappers, or craft scraps in the trash.  As for her toys, when she’s done playing with them, she simply has to put them away.  They are not stenuous, or beyond her age level and comprehension.  Everytime she fulfill’s a chore, she gets a sticker that goes on her chart.  Once she has filled each of the sections, say 5 in each, she gets a treat.  It could be a trip to the ice cream store, baking cookies with Mommy or a little toy or new colouring book.  All her allowance goes directly into her bank account.  I think it teaches her responsibility and it allows her to feel like she is contributing.  She loves being a “big girl” and helping me.  Its a great bonding experience for her and I as well.

So what are your thoughts? Chores for children – good or bad?

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  1. Good, Very good! especially when you have 3 of them messing up the house. I am just in the midddle of putting together our new chore charts (god bless Pinterest!). Not sure the kids are as excited as I am…..but if they want their allowance, I am sure they will come around!

  2. All 3 of my kids have chores… age appropriate and nothing too crazy, but they do have them and they know they won’t get their allowance on Sundays if the chores aren’t done.

  3. Very good!! I have actually been playing with this idea for my step son now for a few weeks…I am not exactly sure what is age appropriate for a 7 year old. Right now he just makes his bed and picks up his toys. I do everything else… Another problem we run into is that we only have him every other weekend so really, trying to teach him responsibilty is lost since he loses the lesson the moment he leaves us and its not enforced at home. Oh the joys of step parenting! Any ideas for this situation?

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