Books for Potty Training for Girls


It’s one of those milestones that all children and their parents go through; potty training.  I have to say when I began to potty train my daughter, I had no idea where to start.  I read online of other parents suggestions.  Some were to learn the potty dance, others argued against and for the use of training underwear.  Others suggested taking their children to buy their own underwear and potty’s, stools and toilet inserts.  One mother actually said that she put plastic down all over her house and let her child run around naked and pee and poop all over until it made the child  uncomfortable.  I was not about to try that method.

I took my daughter to pick out her own underwear.  She picked out her own potty, stool and toilet insert.  None of these methods worked.  She wore the potty as a helmet, she would soil every pair of underwear, she used to stool for everything except helping her sit on the toilet and the toilet insert, she would wail hysterically.  She just wasn’t ready.  I spoke with my doctor and he gave me this piece of advice; “Potty training is like a fine wine, it takes time.”  I waited and waited.  I looked for the “signs”.   I knew I needed to involve my daughter in this process so I decided I would go to a local bookstore a buy a few books for children about potty training.  I wanted to buy “Everybody Poops” but it was sold out of all Toronto stores.  Did everyone have babies in 2008?  I found these two;

“A Potty for Me!” by Karen Katz is a great interactive book for kids.  It’s pages are thick which make the pages easy to turn and there are some interactive flaps that my daughter loves flipping.  The letters are large and the pages are colourful.

A Potty for Me by Karen Katz

“The Potty Book for Girls!” by Alyssa Satin Capucilli is a great potty book for girls specifically.  The little girl in the book named Hannah is super adorable and my daughter loved having this book being read to her.


The Potty Book For Girls by Alyssa Satin Capucilli


After about a year of trying, my daughter is finally using the potty, with the aid of Pull Up’s on long trips and at bed.  I am glad she’s finally coming around.  For a while there, I thought she would be wearing diapers well into University!

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  1. I had issues with my boy (the first born), the girls were much easier after… especially the last one. I never pushed them and just kept at it!!! It’s all you can do.

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