Winterlicious has hit Toronto!


I had never heard of Winterlicious until this year.  A few of my coworkers wanted to go for dinner and suggested we go to the restaurants that are participating in Winterlicious.  I asked them what it was, as I had never heard of it.  Winterlicious is 175 of some of Toronto’s hottest restaurants that have lunch and dinner menus for a reduced price.  Lunch specials range from $15, $20, & $25 and Dinner Specials range from $25, $35, or $45.  Each special comes with a starter, a main, and a dessert.  I was astounded!  When was the last time anybody went to a sophisticated restaurant and had a 3 course meal for $35?!

Toula Ristorante & Bar

I did last night!  I went to Toula’s, a fine dining restaurant on the 38th floor of the Westin Harbour Castle.  This restaurant is chic and the atmosphere was soft, inviting, and romantic. I sat near the window and got to experience the night skyline of Toronto.  The staff was helpful without being too overbearing and the food was amazing!

This was my view

I started off with the hickory wood smoked Atlantic Wild Salmon with caramelized sweet red onions & fresh capers finished with lemon & extra virgin olive oil emoltion .   My main was the  Paccheri Pasta with fresh P.E.I lobster in a lightly spicy roasted plum tomato sauce topped with a fresh P.E.I Lobster Tail.  And the real jewel of the night was Toula Strawberry Cheesecake.  It was the BEST Cheesecake I have ever had!

I especially loved this night out because for $35 plus taxes and gratuity, I got to experience a restaurant thats food is delicious, the atmosphere was warm and inviting and for a price that doesn’t put a dent in my wallet.


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  1. That’s looks very cool! This weekend is Winterlude in Ottawa….but we haven’t gone since Zoey was born. Maybe next year.

    Just letting you know that I have tagged you in my post tomorrow! I don’t know if you have seen this game of “blog tag”, but it is a great way for people to get to know you and meet other bloggers! have fun!

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