Get Out of The House Mommy Group


While perusing Facebook today, I stumbled across a self made group from a fellow Mommy called “Get Out of The House Mommy Group.”  One Mom of two little girls created a group and invited her friends to join.  What they do is each Mom makes a list of fun things that Mom’sand their tots can do in their surrounding areas.  What a brilliant idea!

When I was 7 months pregnant, I moved 5 hours away from all my friends and family to live in Toronto.  I was on Maternity leave and was due with my first baby in 2 months.  I knew no one and certainly no other Mom’s.  What was I going to do with a newborn in a city that was so very different from the small town (country girl born and raised) I was from.  For a long time I stayed cooped up in my home, only taking my daughter out for walks to the local plaza and around the block.  It became very isolating.  When I tried to talk to other people, all I could talk about was bowel movements and diaper rash, feeding and sleeping schedules.  I was acutely aware that none of these people found this particularly stimulating, but I hadn’t spoken to another adult woman in months.  I knew then that I needed to get out, even if it was more for my own good than my daughters’.  I searched online and found an indoor playground.  It was the same playground I used for her 3 year birthday party.  There I met other mom’s and found out about all the really fun and interesting things to do with your babies and toddlers.

So when I stumbled across that group today, it made me remember how isolated I was and how long it took me to go out and explore this great city I call home now with my daughter.  So I have compiled my own list of the places that I took and still take my daughter to.


1) Amazon Indoor Playground

Located on 1500 Royal York Rd, this indoor playground provides a fun, safe environment for kids to play and interact with other children.  There is a fridge available onsite for those who pack their own lunches and coffee and tea are free to the parents.  $10 per child and $7 for siblings, this is a great deal.

2) Stars & Strollers

Cineplex Odeon provides mom`s a chance to see movies and be able to bring their children too.  With a choice of 2 movies a week, the theatres provide more lighting, lower sound and in-theatre change tables so you can get the big screen experience in a baby friendly experience.

3) Alderwood Swimming Pool

I loved doing Mommy & Me swimming with my daughter.  Located at 2 Orianna Drive, this pool provides baby and toddler friendly swimming times for only $3.

4) All Fired Up Paintable Ceramics

Now that my daughter is older and crafts are her thing, I needed to find a place that could provide a fun environment and the bonus of me not having to clean.  You can choose your own piece, from cups to plates to statues of Dinosaurs (I have a nicely painted one on my bookshelf), and paint it with any certain number of colours you choose.  The best thing is, if you don`t finish, you can come back another day and finish it.

For more places to take your children in Toronto, check out the website Toronto4

I hope you take the challenge and post your favourite places to go in your local city so other Mom`s can take their children as well!

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  1. I met a group of women in my prenatal class and we got together every week while off with our little ones. It was amazing – great support, laughs; out in our community and in our homes. Our little ones are 17-20 months old now and we still get together a few times a month so they can play (and we can hang out). they have become a great support system for me.

  2. I just moved to Ohio from Pennsylvania and found the Moms Club near me. I haven’t felt lonely whatsoever and we are far away from our family. It has saved me because I wouldn’t know about doctors or places for my son to take swimming lessons. The moms have given me support and companionship and made a very stressful situation so much better! Glad that you found one near you! 🙂

  3. Found you via wordpress search for Mommy blogs! I had such a hard time finding mommy groups when my kids were young. I was (am?) a young mom, and all the moms in the groups I found were much, much older than me. It was tough being isolated and the only person with kids when my twins were little. Never really found my niche with mommy groups. Luckily, I made great friends with the ladies on a message board I posted on while pregnant, still friends with many of them today, 7 or so years later!

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