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Child Friendly Hair Salon and Stylist


I love, love, LOVE having my hair done.  Since I was old enough to get my hair, dyed, permed, straightened on my own choice, trips to the salon were my favourite things to do.  My hair has been dyed numerous colours, it has been several lengths and styles.  But when my daughter was born, all of a sudden things changed.  I didn’t have that extra cash to go and get my hair done as often as I liked.  And when I found a salon that I really enjoyed, they weren’t exactly “child friendly”.  It was my first mother’s day and there was a salon near my home that was promoting $20 haircuts for mother’s on mother’s day.  I called a booked an appointment.  I loved it when I walked in and there were strollers and kids all around and it was a professional salon.  I was sold!

Cattiva Hair Salon is located on 270 The Kingsway in Toronto, tucked away in the Stath Humber Plaza, and has been my sole salon since I have lived here.  It was rated the 2nd best salon in Toronto by the Toronto Sun.  It was one fateful summer that I was outside playing with my daughter when I met a neighbour of mine whose son was the same age as my daughter.  As we began to talk, it turns out that she worked there.  I asked her about her life as a hairstylist.

Julie at one of her shows

Julie has worked in the business for 16 years and has worked for some major hair companies like Loreal and Schwarzkopf.  She has worked for magazines, has herself worked on fashion shows and has worked and traveled the globe.  She put all that behind her and returned to the salon when she became a mother herself.  She has 2 young sons, whom I know and adore, and works 6 days a week tirelessly making ragged moms like me look good.  She is truly talented.  I have never ever walked out of her chair without being absolutely happy with my hair.

Cattiva also has Mommy Monday’s where you can bring your tot and strollers in while you get your hair done.  It is reasonably priced and that alone you can’t go wrong.  You can call and book an appointment 416-239-7741.  Be sure to ask for Julie, you won’t regret it.