Taming the Curls!


The Tamed Curls

My daughter has curly hair which she inherited from her Daddy.  When he was younger, he had big blonde curls, but since he now sports a cleanly shaved head (he says he’s going bald and it’s because of me 😉 ) we don’t need to worry about his curls.  My hair is thick and wavy and any amount of humidity or moisture will send it into an all out tangly disaster.  The Princess’ hair sometimes resembles mine, and what we graciously call “Wild Woman Hair.”  Needless to say, when her curls fully developed, I was at a loss of how to handle them.  The curls were adorable, but without any care or definition,  it was either sport “Wild Woman Hair” or put her hair up in a ponytail.  But the curls are far too precious to hide.

I have two products that I use on my daughter’s hair.  I use regular Johnson & Johnson shampoo for its ‘no tear’ formula but afterwards I use Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Spray Conditioner and Marc Anthony’s Strictly Curl curl defining Lotion.

BC Bonacure

BC Bonacure Spray Conditioner is available exclusively at salon’s so it’s a bit pricier but it is worth it.  It detangles normal to dry or curly hair and infuses it with moisture to repair inside the hair cell.  To apply, shake well to mix both of the phases and spray onto towel dried hair.  For this product, you don’t rinse it out.  The smell is divine and it leaves the hair silky, smooth and there is no tears when the brush combs through without getting caught.

Strictly Curls

Strictly Curls is a lotion that is enriched with silk proteins and Vitamin E that bonds with the curls to create definition and eliminates fuzz.  The curls are springy and very soft.  I use only a pea sized amount on her hair.  I put it in the palm of my hands, rub together and scrunch evenly throughout her towel dried hair using my fingertips.  I find for the best curl definition, let the hair air dry.  This product is available at Shopper’s Drugmart.

I use these products twice a week to avoid using too many products in her hair, but the outcome is wonderful.


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