5 Things To Never say to a Mom


Like a Yahoo article “8 Things you should never to a Mom“,  I have once again compiled my own list of big No-No’s to say to mother’s.

  1. “Do you still have milk in your breasts?”  I realize that breastfeeding is still a mystery to most folks, but after weaning, the milk dries up and this cow is done until the next baby comes along.
  2. “You must have no social life.”  Prior to having a baby, I had the freedom to do and go wherever I wanted.  Since my daughter was born, I don’t go out as often, however I wouldn’t exactly say my social life is over.  I have tried a few times to go “clubbing” and it’s not nearly as fun as it used to be.  I much prefer dinner dates and trips to see the latest movies.  I enjoy the “quiet” much more now.  I still go out, just my choice of outings have changed.  I don’t only go to indoor playgrounds and run around the jungle gyms, and I’m not always elbow deep in pull ups and toys.
  3. “Your vagina must be twice as big now, right?”  Oh.  My.  God!  As if it is any of their business what my “business” looks like post baby, but it is just fine thank you, I had a C-Section.  It’s my stomach that is demolished.
  4. “Do you wear Mom Jeans?”  I have always heard of the dreaded “Mom Jeans” but no I don’t wear them.  Is there such a thing as “Dad Jeans?”  or how about “Nosy, none-of-your-business jeans?”
  5. “Wow, your hips are bigger now.”  Yes, these hips are bigger than they used to.  They widened to pass a human being through my pelvic area.  What have your hips done recently?  I’m sure nothing near as spectacular as creating a baby highway.

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  1. And with three kiddos, am I qualified to add #6, please?? If so… (if not, I guess delete?)…

    #6. Wow, you’ve got your hands full!

    Why, because they appear to be brats?? Or because I look exhausted? Either way, refer to “nosey, none-of-your business” answer!!

    Thanks! I feel better…lol.

  2. Oh and I’m sure you remember the dreaded “Are you sure it’s not twins?”…. What makes me laugh harder is it’s almost always women that say these hateful things to each other!

    • “Mom Jeans” are hideous jeans, that go right up and sit underneath your breasts, a little short at the ankle and make your butt look very unflattering. I’ve never worn a pair myself but I have seen some people sport them!

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