The Bio-Oil Challenge


I know I earned my stripes!


Raise your hand if you have stretch marks as a result of being pregnancy.  Mine is.  And I am proud to say it too, although that wasn’t always the case. For quite some time, I was embarrassed by these marks and wouldn’t dream of wearing anything that was revealing.  My stomach was locked up tighter than Fort Knox.  I was 5 months pregnant when I first noticed them.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, I began to show very early on, and by 5 months I was asked if I was carrying twins.  It wasn’t until I was down visiting my parents when I first noticed them.  I had gotten out of the shower and was standing in the mirror getting ready when I saw those dark purple lines sprawling up my abdomen.


“Gah!!! What the hell?  Where did they…oh my god, when did they?  Aaahhhh!”  I was turning over and over in the mirror, finding more and more lines running up from places and directions I never thought they would ever come from.  They looked like the Evil Ghost’s hands in a horror films, reaching up to capture the youthfulness of my skin.  My mother heard my shrieks and came running.

“What’s the matter?”  She asked, her breath ragged.

I pointed to my stomach, looking for some sympathy.

“Oh wow,” she said.  “I never got stretch marks when I was pregnant.”

Kick me while I’m down why dontcha!

While my mother was blessed with incredibly, even freakishly pliable skin, those genes clearly skipped me in utero.  I was even more distressed after my daughter was born and the incision from the c-section horizontally sliced the vertical lines.  My stomach was now the crudest road map of downtown Toronto!

“The C-Section scar is Bloor Street, the long line to the left is University Avenue and this line over here is Bay Street.  Oh this line, see how it gets thinner here, yea, that’s Yonge Street in rush hour!”  Hey, you have to laugh at yourself sometimes.

While I have now come to terms with them, even find the humour in them, I still want them to be less noticeable.  So when I was given a bottle of Bio-Oil, I thought, why not make it a Bio-Oil Challenge?  On the bottle, it says that if you rub the oil on your body, twice a day for three months, in circular motions, the marks will become less noticeable.  The stretch marks will never go away and results vary from individual to individual, but the product claims in time, they will fade.

In a study done in 2010, it found that on day 15, that 95% saw a significant improvement and by day 57, 100% saw improvement more than double that at 2 weeks.  So I am trying my own challenge and see if this stuff actually works.   I will say that I am not getting paid to do this, and I am purchasing the bottles myself, granted the first bottle was given to my by a family member.  The oil is peachy in colour and the smell isn’t too bad either.  You will need to wash your hands after rubbing it, otherwise you will have oil everywhere.

I will write back in 3 months and let you know how it goes.  No fibs, no exaggerations, just honest consumer opinion.  Now, I won’t be posting any before and after photos as I don’t wish to give anyone nightmares or scare women off getting pregnant.  So while my stomach is a crude map of downtown Toronto, it is a road map I took to motherhood and a trip I was glad to make!


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