Top 2012 Baby Names


Spring has sprung and it seems that everyone and their neighbour are popping out babies! has come out with a list of the Top Baby Name trends of 2012.  I have to say I’m glad to see a shift from ridiculous names like “Like” after Facebook and names of insects such as Butterfly.

This year, letters “A” and “M” are topping the trends, as are floral names like Fleur, Iris, Ivy, and Scarlet.  Biblical names are gaining popularity such as Gideon, Isaac, and James.  Another trend this year, albeit unconventional, is adjectives, so be sure to look out for Ruby and Western.  As long as the adjectives are not Ugly or Ridiculous, I’ll be ok.

Of course pop culture still has a grasp on the baby name trend and movies like The Hunger Games and Twilight are influencing parents to name their children after the main characters.  Sometimes it seems that celebrities have more of a pull on the naming of our children than common sense does.

It will be interesting to see what names top the charts this year, but here are the top names so far.

Top Names for Girls

  1. Alice
  2. Charlotte
  3. Frances
  4. Hazel
  5. Leonie

Top Names for Boy

  1. Elliot
  2. James
  3. Kingston
  4. Silas
  5. Walter

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