52 Brand New

Last Sunday after the kids went to bed, I reluctantly taped a sign to our TV that read, “Sorry We’re Closed”.  New Experience #17 was not going to be fun.  There might even be a few tears.  I was starting to have second thoughts, but I had already told the kids about our next experience and didn’t want to back down now.  We were going to participate in Screen Free Week, the brainchild of a Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood.  For the entire week, the kids would not be able to use the TV, computer, or anything else with a screen.  I was also participating, but in a modified way.  I would not watch TV, use Facebook, or waste time on Pinterest, but I would still check my e-mail and update the blog when my children were not present.  I braced myself for a tough week.

On Day 1,  I…

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