A Mommy-Daughter Weekend Away


The Princess and I have just safely returned from a weekend away where we visited family.  We had taken advantage of MegaBus’ $10 deal and travelled 2 1/2 hours to Kingston.  My sister and her husband live there and as hubby had to work all weekend, it was time for some Mommy-Daughter time.  My husband and I try to stress the importance of individual one on one time.  We like to do things as a family, but I think it is important that our princess spends time with each one of us individually.

On Friday, we packed up all our things and with Daddy in tow, we made our way to the Toronto Bus Terminal.  It seems as though I have finally learned to only pack what we need to reduce our luggage.  I’m definitely one of those “just in case” kind of packers.  This time we only had 1 small suitcase and a large carry on.   The Princess was given her child gravol to stave off any motion sickness that she is sometimes subject to, snacks and items to keep her occupied for the journey.  Nothing makes a long journey longer than vomit and a bored child.  When it was time to board, we gave kisses to Daddy and found our seats.  The one thing I really enjoy about the MegaBus is that it is sometimes a double-decker and Princess loves sitting at the front on the very top.

Our visit in Kingston was a success.  With no full-fledged meltdowns, a visit with a friend, sprinklers, pools and a sandbox, Princess and I had a wonderful weekend with family.  We are finally home and now we are having some cuddle time while watching a good movie.  It’s these moments that I love whole-heartedly and I cannot wait for another Mommy-Daughter date.


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