Teaching your Child the ABC’s


In order to start kindergarten on the right foot, it is recommended that children should have a grasp on their ABC’s, numbers and their colours.  While I admit that Princess knows her numbers and colours, her knowledge of the alphabet is where she is struggling the most.  I have purchased flash cards and work books for her to do over the summer before she starts school in the fall.

Reusable Workbooks

I found these 2 books at a bookstore and they only cost $2.67 each.  I had bought books in the past that were not reusable and eventually the cost adds up.  These books are reusable so the one time cost is great.  All you need is a marker and the learning never stops!





Writing Placemat

Another great item that we have is a Melissa & Doug placemat.  This can be used to clean up after dinner and when waiting for dessert, your little one can use a pencil and learn how to trace their letters.  A simple wipe with a damp cloth removes the marks and you are already to go again.




JustMommies.com has come with a top 10 list of creative ways to help teach your young one their ABC’s.  Whether its singing the ABC song, playing the ABC game or many helpful toys and books, the knowledge of ABC’s will be sure to help your children once they start school


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