My Child’s Culinary Journey

Enjoying Dinner

Enjoying Dinner

The thought of feeding children sends some adults running and screaming for the hills. Between flat out refusing some food items or throwing temper tantrums, meal time can be a handful. The Princess has had her ups and downs, but her culinary journey is an interesting one.
I was born and raised on meat and potatoes. My Dad hated what he called “freaky food” which basically encompassed anything besides beef, chicken and the vegetables we grew in our own garden. Latin, Asian, and European foods were out of the question. It wasn’t until I went off to university that I was able to begin my food journey, albeit late and hindered slightly by my own trepidations.
My Hubby however is Italian and Polish and his Italian Nonna could cook with the best of them. I had to step up my game. To impress him when we first started dating, I went out on a limb and cooked lasagna from scratch for the first time. What a better way to impress and Italian with Italian food?
When the Princess arrived, I was determined that she would try all foods, at least once. But her food journey started before she drew her first breath. I hate pickles. I mean loathe pickles, however when I was pregnant, I would easily eat a jar a weekend. Then I craved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and then macaroni salads. I did have a complete aversion though. Eggs. I loved them before I was pregnant, but from conception on, I was repulsed by the look, smell and taste. Watching people eat them would send me running for the bathroom. I still cannot eat them and neither can the Princess.
From the moment she started solids, she could eat! Almost anything you put in front of her, she would gulp down with gusto. Whether it was Fajita bean soup or oranges she dipped in Tzaziki (it tasted delicious to her), she showed no fear of food. When we go to restaurants, she is always willing to sample off people’s plates. She has eaten Veal Carpacchio and Grilled Octopus and Squid, water chestnuts and Pad Thai. I’ve only ever had water chestnuts!
We recently went out for Thai food for Father’s Day and the Princess ate up her spring rolls and Chicken Asparagus. I have to say I’m so happy that she isn’t a picky eater, but I cannot take the credit for this, her Daddy gets the pat on the back for this one.


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  1. That is so awesome that she likes to eat different foods! πŸ™‚ Josiah is so picky it makes dinner time such a torturous time for the entire family! I just want him to eat veggies lol. He has gotten a lot better though. Aiden on the other hand is NOT picky. He loves to eat but he does hate raisins. BTW, I had an egg aversion when I was pregnant too. I couldn’t even smell them cooking especially with cheese melted on them for some reason! πŸ˜‰

    • The princess did go through a faze where she would only eat yogurt, cookies and juice. It was soo frustrating! But now she’ll eat anything. I’m sure once she’s older and realizes she’s eating octopus she may be grossed out, but in the meantime, I will let her snack away. Apparently great nose’s smell alike πŸ™‚ I remember I was visiting Hubby’s mom and he made me eggs for breakfast and I couldn’t run to the washroom fast enough. The colour, smell, texture set me off! Ick!

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