Swift Justice indeed!

Jill of All Trades...Expert of None!

Wow, I heard about this story yesterday and had to go out and see what I could find on it.  I believe this is the first time I’ve heard of a case like this, where the guilty party was relieved of the potential legal charges so early in the process. This is justice at work, in my opinion.  They checked the 911 tapes, they examined the daughter, and they talked with other people to gauge the Dad’s character.  Of course he was enraged when he found a man raping his 5 year old daughter…of course he completely lost it and attacked the man to save his daughter…

What do you think?  Swift justice or hasty decision?

This is the story, written by Nina Rai on 20 June 2012 in San Antonio, TX.

An enraged Texas dad, who found his five-year-old daughter being raped from behind a barn, rushed there and pummeled…

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