The Ramblings of a Married Couple


Sometimes Hubby and I have conversations that make me laugh when I think about them later on.  It’s mainly because the sheer nonsense and redundancy of the conversation.  For example here is one we had today;


“Are you making dinner tonight?” hubby asks.

“Yes,”  I answer. “Are we going to Ribfest tomorrow after my run?”

“I don’t really want to.  I think it starts around 11 and it’s going to be hot has hell.  And it’s going to be expensive.”

“Ok, I’ll just take Princess myself even if it’s just to go on rides.  I refuse to stay in for another long weekend.”

Hubby is shocked. “So what? I am to bring her and watch until your done then just go home by myself?”

“Well you don’t want to go, I do.  What other solution is there?”  I was confused by his shock.  He said he doesn’t want to go, so I say that he doesn’t have to and now he’s upset.  Confusing at first, but hilarious now.  “Listen, I don’t want to stay long, but I want her to go on some rides, maybe eat some ribs and cotton candy and then head home.”

“Ok.  I just don’t want to stand in the sun all day,” he sighs.  “And just so you know, it’s going to be hot as (insert expletive).”

“Ok thanks!  Oh and by the way, I wanna do glow-in-the-dark bubbles with the Princess.”

And as quickly as the battle for plans began, it ended with glow-in-the-dark bubbles.  That is how most of our arguments go, however sometimes they are solved with Rock, Paper, Scissors and I’m being serious.  It’s fair, up to fate and always best two out of three!


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