We had some ‘Paranormal Activity’ last night


You know the movie Paranormal Activity and the scene where the child hovers eerily over the bed, with her hair all in her face.  That happened to us last night.  It was cool and dark, the only sound was the humming of the air conditioner.   We did not hear footsteps.  Hubby and I were sleeping peacefully, dreaming away when all of a sudden a presence appeared.  It shook us unnervingly.  We began to stir, our dreams fleeing with the fluttering of our eyelids and then Hubby saw it.  Standing over our bed, not saying a word, stood a 3 year old, her blond curls in her face wearing nothing but her pull up at 2:17 am.  Hubby screamed the loudest and jumped the highest I have seen.  Those high-jumpers in the Olympics would be hard pressed to match the height he got to.  His shrieks woke me and I started laughing my head off.

“Princess, what’s wrong?”  Hubby asked her when he caught his breath.

“Nothing Daddy, I just really like your bed,” she giggles as she climbs into our bed and then for the rest of the night, sleeps sideways, leaving this Mom and Dad with a sliver of the bed on either side.

Hubby rolls over in the morning to give me a kiss and whispers this in my ear; “That kid is determined to shave years off my life.”


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