This Knitting is hard!


I will be the first to admit it, I’m not overly crafty.  My Nan could knit, and so could my aunt.  My grandmother quilted with the best of them and many of my aunts can make desserts that can rival any pastry chef.  My one sister knits, sews and quilts, and my other sister can draw and knit.  I am all thumbs.  But I am determined to join the elite club of crafting and I’m starting with knitting.

Pattern Book #1

For Christmas, my sister bought me a book for beginners and a book of patterns.  She bought me needles, looms, and yarn.  I tried to learn on my own, but the outcome was horrendous.  I could cast on, but I somehow couldn’t manage to create my first row.  When my sister came down, she showed me how, but my stitches were too tight.  Then they were too loose.  I got frustrated and left an unfinished piece still on the needles in a bag stuffed in the corner for months.

My starting piece

This weekend I was determined to pick it up again.  I started fresh and tried to do my first row again.  I ran into the same problems as before.  These how-to books couldn’t teach you how to tie your shoes let alone knit.  I am much more of a visual learner, so what better place to find a video of how to knit than Youtube.  So much better.  Granted I did increase by accident and my end stitches are a little loose, but it’s better than what I was doing before.  The video below is the one I found to be the easiest.

So here is hoping that by year’s end, I will have some sort of finished product, albeit I’m not counting the doll cape I made for Princess dolly Reggie (she watched Slap Shot with Paul Newman with her Daddy and the name stuck…poor doll).

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