Bio Oil Challenge Revisited


On April 23rd, I posted that I would be partaking in the Bio Oil Challenge.  According to the company, by rubbing the oil on your stretch marks for three months, twice a day in circular motion, your stretch marks will fade.

I have to admit, I didn’t rub the oil on my belly twice a day for three months.  I was pretty intermittent with it actually.  I started off doing the twice a day for the first two weeks and I did notice a difference.  But life got in the way and soon it was once a day, then every other day and then once or twice a week when I remembered.

It became a bit of a pain to remember to do it in the morning after the shower and then before I went to bed.  I found that I would have to wait a while until the oil sunk in and if I didn’t, my clothes would get the oil on them and a little would seep through the front.  I wasn’t a fan of oil marks on the belly of my shirt, looked like I competed in a greasy cheeseburger eating contest.  And I didn’t always have the time to wait as being a working mom with a toddler, my schedule doesn’t always allow me the free time to sit, rub oil on myself, much to my Hubby’s chagrin 😉 , and let it dry.

So despite my lackadaisical effort in the Bio Oil Challenge I created myself, I will say that there was some noticeable results.  My stretch marks are  lighter than they were and I’m sure with continued effort on my part, they will lighten even more.  I wasn’t expecting them to go away entirely, but I am impressed with how they faded taking into account my inconsistency.  Based on this, I give Bio Oil 3.5 out of 5.

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