Dinosaurs of Gondwana and Haunted Stories of Old Toronto


My family and I are separated by a 4 hour drive so whenever we get to see each other, we like to seize the moment and do stuff that we’ll remember.My mom and sister came down for the long weekend and I took them on trip to see the Dinosaurs of Gondwana and a Haunted Walk of Old Toronto.  When planning this trip, my mom had 2 requests; 1) learning and 2) scary stuff.  I frequently take my Princess the Royal Ontario Museum and what a better place to take my out-of-town family there.

The Dinosaurs of Gondwana had its world premier in the ROM and most of the dinosaurs have only been unearthed in the last 20 years.  It is the largest Dinosaur exhibit in the Royal Ontario Museum’s history.  The exhibit is family friendly, there are activities for children’s and adults alike such as the interactive continental puzzle touch screen and a Dinosaur history through the ages countdown.  Definitely worth checking out.  There is a gift shop at the end of the exhibit where you can buy anything dinosaur.  We bought Princess a new fridge magnet, dinosaur pencils for school and a dinosaur Christmas Tree ornament.  Princess also got dinosaur slippers courtesy of Auntie Mimi.

Dinosaurs go romp and stomp in the night


After the museum, we went to St. Lawrence Market for some shopping and sight-seeing and then went to a patio for some drinks and then to a restaurant dinner.  We were killing some time before our Haunted Walk of Old Toronto started.  I had never been on a haunted walk before and I didn’t know what to expect.  We were all checked in when the skies opened and began to pour rain.  Thankfully, my sister nabbed 3 poncho’s and the walk commenced.  We started off in the Distillery District at the Gooderham & Worts.  We came to learn that after opening the distillery, Wort’s wife and child died and he threw himself into the well.  It is said he still haunts it with him spinning the chandelier in a coffee shop that now sits on top of the old well.  Oooohhhhh.   The tour continued on where it was told that children once worked at the distillery and there was an accident and they died in the boiler room. There is now a restaurant called the Boiler Room located on site.  The tour is about an hour and a half and we visited famous sites all over Old Toronto and saw the cemetery where all the cholera victims were laid.  They say after a good rain, sometimes the bones will poke through the ground even to this day.  The pouring rain, lightning and thunder and blowing wind really added to the scary stories.

Image from historicplaces.ca



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