The Princess’ First Trip to the Dentist


My Princess had her very first dentist appointment and she did wonderfully.  I had some trepidations about taking her to the dentist because let’s be honest, who likes going to the dentist?  I tried to make it sound as fun as possible, and had her and I play dentist at home to semi-prepare her for what was to come.  When I booked the appointment, they said that it would last approximately 40 minutes, but very rarely did the children ever stay in the chair that long.  They assured me they would try to make it as comfortable as possible and they would give her a toy at the end.  I was sort of jealous, I never got toys when I went as a kid.

Princess seemed very excited about it when we told her.  I think she thought of it as a spa or something.  So when we arrived and the hygienist came out, Princess walked right up to her and gave her a hug.  I was floored.  They took her to the chair and let her play with it, raising it higher and lowering it.  They they introduced her to the tools, aptly named Mr. Tickles, Mr. Thirsty (Princess’ favourite), Mr. Sunshine, and Mr. Water.  Needless to say, Princess made it through the entire sitting without so much as a fuss.  The pediatric dentist said that all her teeth looked great which was a great relief as Princess is a thumb-sucker.

As a gift, the dentist gave her a big bag of toothy gifts such as a Princess toothbrush and toothpaste for the “Sugar Bugs”, kid floss, hair clips, a toy, a tooth-shaped timer and a big photo of herself holding Barney’s toothbrush.  Now she loves brushing her teeth and is always sure to flip the timer on each brushing.

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  1. That is great! I am glad her first experience with the dentist turned out so well. My boys enjoy going to the dentist and are pretty good at the whole teeth brushing thing.

    • I’m glad too. I know with her old doctor’s appointments didn’t always go so well, so I was anticipating somewhat of a battle. I really liked how they let her play with some of the tools and made her feel comfortable as opposed to just going in.

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