The Cash Drain has Officially Ended!


Today is a wonderful day!  I filled out my very last cheque for daycare and no longer will $800 a month be removed from my bank account.  While the daycare my daughter attends has been absolutely wonderful, I will not lie when I say that I am ecstatic that I will save close to $10 000 a year on child care.  From the time she was 18 months to now, we have spent close to $25 000.  That is an OUTRAGEOUS amount.  I do not receive any subsidy as Hubby and I earn too much and the daycare is on the cheaper side.

When I first began looking at daycare, I called one very close to us.   When I finally asked about the cost, I wished I hadn’t.  $1 700 a month.  For one child!  While I was not about to pay that amount, I was curious what was included.  Apparently, $1 700 gets your child gourmet baby food, bilingual language classes, dance classes, instrument lessons, art classes and sports.  I declined when he asked if I wanted to be put on the list.  I didn’t want to say it, but at the time, my daughter would eat crumbs from the floor that had been between her toes before she’d eat gourmet food.

It is hard to believe when I first entered her into daycare that it wouldn’t be long before I would be signing the last cheque and now real school is right around the corner.  Milestones have come and gone, but I am thinking that with an extra $10 000 every year, maybe Hubby and I may be able to go on a very well-deserved vacation.  Or maybe Disneyland?

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  1. Wow, daycare is expensive!! I had no idea it was that much. We have been lucky (if you can call it that) that both of our boys have had some delays and have IEPs so their preschool years at the public school were free to us.

    • As expensive as our daycare is, it’s a fabulous one and one of the cheaper ones in our city. We also get a tax credit back at the end of each tax year and we get $100 a month until she’s 5 too from the Canadian Government.

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