5 Things I Learned About Taking a Child to the Cottage


We have finally got home from our vacation at the cottage.  It was full of fun times and adventures including Princess going tubing for the first time.  It has been a few years since we all went to the cottage together and Princess’ mobility and activity level has changed drastically.  So there have been a few years that I have learned from this experience.

  1. Single-Floored Cottages + rambunctious Children = Cranky!  Do not get me wrong, the cottage is beautiful, but there is not a lot of leg room for a young child to move around and they usually don’t appreciate being cooped up!
  2. You can never run out of enough rocks!  To keep the Princess occupied, we would make numerous trips from the road to the dock and throw bucket loads of rocks into the water.
  3. Portable DVD Players & Monster’s Inc are God Sends!  Of course there is no TV at the cottage, but when many of the days were dark and rainy, this little contraption was a god send.  Just plug it in, turn on the movie and Princess was entertained for a little bit.
  4. Fresh air is a true sedative.  The old adage “fresh air will do you good” has some truth to it.  Over a few days, Princess needed a good 4 hour nap after the fresh air finally got to her.
  5. Never underestimate the energy of a toddler.  Holy Cow!  No one would need nuclear power if we could harness the power of children.  The Princess did not stop from sunrise to sunset.

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