5 Days Without Princess


Last Wednesday, Princess went on a camping trip with her Aunt Mimi, Grampie and Nana.  Hubby and I still had to work so my brave girl had to go on her own without us.  She had a blast.  And so did we.

She left with my family bright and early Wednesday and when we came home that night, it was surprisingly quiet and the house had stayed tidy for longer than 5 minutes.  Hubby had cooked us a lovely meal of roast chicken and wild mushroom rice pilaf. Mmm.  After that we were able to sit down and watch a movie without any distraction.

On Thursday, Hubby spent the night at his brother’s so I had the house to myself.  It had been so long since I was able to have a night to myself.  I had a quick chat with Hubby to go over our day and I let him go about his boy’s night.  I got into my coziest pj’s and had a chick flick night.  I cried, I laughed, but I had a great night.  You just have to enjoy the little things.

Friday was a special night.  Hubby had gotten us a hotel suite for the night.  He had our bag packed up by the time I got home from work and soon we were off and heading out to dinner.  We did the same thing last year and have decided that it will be an annual event.   Sometimes you just need to get away.  Saturday morning we were able to sleep in which was wonderful and then go out for brunch.  It was great to finally reconnect as a couple and enjoy each other’s company as adults.  It wasn’t our anniversary or any special date, but a much-needed night away.

Sunday was the day the Princess came home.  As expected, she had made many new friends at the campground, tested the limits of her extended family and was covered in bruises from being her overly rambunctious, clumsy self.  After giving hugs and kisses, I asked her what her favourite part of her trip was, she said “spending time with my family.”  ❤

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  1. Getaways are the best! You are definitely right, sometimes you just need that adult time alone to be able to reconnect. Now I want to go see if I can get our parents to take the kids somewhere for a few days 🙂

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