And I Bawled Like a Baby!


Today, I wept and wept outside my daughter’s school.  The day started off like any other, except she wasn’t going to daycare, she was going to school.  I know that we have been preparing for this day all summer, but I was not ready this morning.  I picked out her first-day outfit, packed her lunch last night and still this morning I was a testy, cranky mess.  Hubby kept smiling at me like I was the cutest thing for being so emotional, but I had to keep going into another room to stop myself from blubbering.

We all walked to school, hand in hand and waited at the front for her teacher to come and get her.  There was a bit of confusion as they JK classes were split into 3 classes and there were two little girls with Princess’ name but after some time, we finally found her class.  She met her teacher, she sat on her bench and we gave her final hugs and kisses.  Hubby and I started down the hall when we gave one final last look back only to see her watching us walk away.  That was it.  This Mommy broke into tears, and big blubbering mess was I.  Hubby put his arm around me and lead me out the door so I wouldn’t run back and scoop her up and bring her home.

The minutes didn’t go by as fast as I wished they could and when I finally got to pick her up, her arms were stretched out to hug me.  The teacher said she had a great day and when we got home, I checked her lunch bag and without fail, everything except the fruits & veggies were eaten.


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  1. Photos are adorable! School starts here in NYC today. Daughter is starting second grade. Here’s to a great school year for all kids!

    Education is not filling a pail but the lighting of a fire. ~William Butler Yeats

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