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I love Zombies!


I cannot say when my love for the undead started, but out of all the creatures that go bump in the night, zombies are my favourite!  The decaying flesh, life after death, carnal desire to consume, I love them!  I have zombie video games, books and movies and I can ready, play or watch them any time of the year.  Obviously I watch the very popular Walking Dead and even watched the Deadliest Warrior battle between vampires and zombies. I have read Max Brook’s Zombie Survival Guide and have video games where I get to be a survivor of the zombie apocalypse.  Here are just a few of my favourite Zombie movies!

  1. 28 Days Later.  These zombies are fast, vicious and best of all, infected with Rage.  I really enjoyed that we were able to see how the zombies came to be and see how humanity responds.
  2. Shaun of the Dead.  What can I say, Simon Pegg is a comedic genius and this movie combines comedy and the undead!
  3. The Crazies.  With 28 Days Later it was an animal testing lab, but with The Crazies it’s a plane with a biotoxin.  This toxin turns people slowly from peaceful humans to crazy slaughtering nightmares.  Love it!
  4. Land of the Dead.  This movie takes place after humans have built a wall around a city to keep the zombies out and what monsters lurk inside.  A great combination of comedy and action.
  5. Zombieland.  Another comedy, but Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson make the living dead a dead hoot!

Getting Ready for Sandy


Hurricane Sandy has hit Toronto and while I prepared by making sure we were stocked up with candles, first aid supplies and matches, I didn’t bother telling the Princess as it would just cause unnecessary worry.   I knew that other areas would be hit harder than we would, it wouldn’t hurt to safe.  I picked up the Princess as usual but she was panicked and told me we needed to get home as soon as possible because we would “blow away and the city would be destroyed.” I stooped down and asked her what was wrong.  She explained to me that her teacher had told them about the Frankenstorm that was coming our way and Princess was afraid.  I explained to her that it was going to be no worse than any other storm we had experienced.  I hugged her and took her home as fast as I could.  I knew she was upset and being at home would make her feel much better.  The entire time she kept insisting we were in peril and despite my best efforts to calm her, she was sure that we would be hurt in this storm.

I then sat her down and explained that I had endured the Ice Storm of 1998.  I told her that for almost 20 days, we were without power and I had 17 relatives living in my home.  She sat there in front of me enthralled by the thought of my surroundings covered in inches of ice, telephone poles collapsing like match sticks and no television.  I also explained that while it was very dangerous to be outside, it was also on of the best times I’ve ever had.  It was like living in the pioneer days.  We heated water on the wood stove, played games with my sisters and cousins and my dad only even cooked my sister’s birthday cake on the barbecue.  I told her that this storm would be nothing like that and while it may be scary, it was very unlikely anything bad would happen.  After that she seemed more at ease and even felt comfortable looking out the window to watch the wind blow in the trees.

This is not an image from my home back then, but just an idea of the amount of ice that hit Ontario, Quebec, some of the Eastern Provinces and some States.

She is now sleeping peacefully just as the wind outside is getting stronger.  Hubby and I are watching TV, checking the news periodically but knowing that we will be fine.  I understand that the teacher was probably just trying to inform the students about the storm that is happening, but somehow the Princess turned it into some sort of Perfect Storm-esque situation.

Just in Time for Halloween – Activities this Weekend in Toronto


Halloween is only a week away and while most children are prepping themselves for the sugar coma they are about to endure and parents are saving for the cavities the dentists will have to fill.  In Toronto this weekend, there are some fun family orientated activities for people of all ages to enjoy!

  1. Alligator Pie.  Soulpepper’s Production will be putting on an hour-long play for the entire family to enjoy!
  2. Boo at the Zoo.   Whether its taking part in Critters and Costume parade or walking the Pumpkin Trail, this is sure to be enjoyed by the whole family
  3. Haunted High Park.  Come here are the ghostly tales and stories in High Park this Saturday from 6:30 – 7:30.
  4. Halloween Bed Race.  On the 27th from 10 – 1, closed off Bloor St will turn into a Halloween Bed Race.  Dress up in your costume and come for some fun!
  5. Haunted Walk of Old Toronto.  Take a late night tour Old Toronto and hear all the haunting stories that Toronto has to offer!

Here are just a few, but there are many more events in Toronto happening this weekend!

The Halloween Costume Dilemma


This year is the first year that the Princess will be choosing what she wants to be for Halloween.  Her first year she was the most adorable Lady Bug and last year she was Madonna.  My friend has two boys and they went as Elvis and Tommy Lee and our musical menagerie were just too cute!  My friend made the costume with a nothing more than a body suit, fabric glitter, lace and sticky jewels.  I added the hair piece and the tell-tale beauty mark and she captured the hearts of all the people whose door she knocked on.  Frankly, I think she was more of a treat than a trick!

Now this year, the Princess has been flip-flopping between Pirates and Vampires, Zombies and Princess’ (go figure!)  Now Hubby wants her to go as a zombie, while I think she would make an adorable vampire, but the Princess can’t seem to make up her mind.  We were given a princess costume that would be very nice, however, for those of you aware of Canadian Halloween’s, the costume doesn’t quite look the same with a snow suit underneath.  What was once a cute princess costume quickly turns into the Pilsbury Dough Boy.  I remember my mother always picking out our costumes and we always looked like pudgy versions of what we were going as.  One year I went as Xena the Warrior Princess and with my snow suit underneath, I was Xena the buffet Princess.  Just not a good look.  Oh the dilemma!

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I am 1 in 4


Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.  And I am 1 in 4 women around the world that have suffered a miscarriage.  Today I will be going to a candle lighting at Trillium Hospital in Missisauga to commemorate my angel Emery and to support other women and their families who have suffered this loss as well.  My Princess said something that warmed my heart and let me know that Emery was still with us.

“Mommy, Emery is not with the angels,” she said looking out the window.

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“Mommy, Emery is in the trees, I can see her.  She makes the leaves move.” She looked back at me, smiled and then turned back to look at the trees.