Dear Fear & Judgement


What a powerful post!

I came to the book Holes in my elementary school library.  It was stuffed into a corner section, on a shelf just above the bean bag back and half covered by a Dr. Suess “Read” poster.  The cover of Holes was wrapped in plastic like a small gift that you open by folding one end over into your palm and scanning the contents.  I wasn’t looking for curse words just yet, that wouldn’t come until seventh grade when I was kicked out of the lunch table for being too much of something.  Too much of a nerd, too much of a girl who didn’t feel like cheerleading.  Too much into dissecting a frot and too much into laughing.  Too much into not caring how much these things mattered.

I was looking for a book because the Scholastic Book Fair had passed and I spent all of my money on a…

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