World Teacher’s Day


Today is a World Teacher’s Day.  We’ve all had teachers that we loved, liked and loathed.  It’s funny when you are in school you dislike them because they are always giving you homework and tests, but now that Princess is in school, I have a whole new appreciation for them.  Here are a list of my favourite teachers and my not-so-favourite.


  1. Ms. C.  My grade 5 teacher was the coolest thing since sliced bread.  She wasn’t like my other teachers, she had Pat Benatar blonde hair, wore cool make up and always put on really cool dance recitals for the talent show!  I was the month of February in the dance number “Calendar Girls” in the grade five talent show.  I really wanted to be in the Grease Lightning number and wear the poodle skirts.
  2. Mr. D.  My grade 7 teacher was pretty awesome.  He definitely had that “No BS” attitude and handled the prepubescent tweens with ease.  If you were talking out turn, you had your name put in a circle and you would have to write lines.
  3. Mr. McK.  This was my grade 8 and grade 12 English teacher.  At grade 8 graduation, some of the students won awards.   I won English, Geography and Science & Technology.  Prior to giving me the English Award, he said “For this student, I just want to say that if she is to do anything as a career, I hope that it has to do with her writing.”  He is one of the reasons I studied English in University, and when I publish my first novel, I will dedicate it to him.
  4. Ms. D.  This teacher was by far my favourite.  She was my 4H instructor when I was in grade school, so when I got to highschool, I knew her and I quickly became teacher’s favourite.
  5. Mr. S.  He was my grade 12 philosophy teacher.  Not only was he charismatic and brilliant, but he was handsome with baby blues (I’m a sucker for the baby blues).  Many girls in school had a crush on him.


  1. Mrs. W #1.  She was my grade 7 teacher and she was tiny, frail and quiet.  Not exactly the teacher needed for a group of prepubescent tweens.  We ruled that class with impunity.  She was ragged by the end of the year.
  2. Mr. Grant.  He was my grade 9 science teacher and I had his wife for computer science.  At parent/teacher, my dad only got to speak with his wife and missed the interview with him.  The next day I told him that my dad was sorry that he missed the interview, and his reply “Don’t worry, my wife couldn’t stop talking about your dad.  Go sit down.”  Turns out, his wife developed a crush on my dad and Mr. G took it out on me.
  3. Mr. B.  I did nothing to this teacher other be my mother’s daughter.  He was my grade 12 computer science teacher and when I stepped in the classroom he stopped me.  “Are you Susan’s daughter?”  I answered shakily “yes.”  He just shook his head and said “we’re going to have problems.”  I went home and asked my mom if she knew this teacher and her response was very similar to his.  Apparently they constantly butted heads.  One day there was a school basketball and when most of the class skipped, I was the only one who got a detention.  Proof is in the pudding.
  4. Mrs. W #2.  She was my grade 11 physics teacher and I loathed her.  Physics wasn’t my forte to say the least and I needed a tutor to help me pass.  They only thing that saved me were my science reports.  I didn’t get the math part, but always got A+ on all my reports.  Easy to see why I choose English.  Anyways when I was 17, I was really into CSI and thought I wanted to be a Forensic Scientist.  When I told her this, she told me “You are too stupid to do that.”  Last time I took physics.
  5. Mr. W.  He was my law teacher and a sexist to boot.  When it came to projects, girls would always get extensions, all you had to do was show some cleavage but when it came to playing sports like football, we weren’t allowed.  I played Rugby in highschool and Mr. W, the football coach and head of athletics, hated the sport.  So he cancelled rugby for the girls.  He said they just didn’t have the money.  Meanwhile when I asked if we could then play on the football team, since there were girls that wanted to play physical sports, he declined.  I started a petition.  I had a lot of support from teachers, students, girls and boys alike and when I went to bring it to the Principal’s office, he stopped me in the office and said “I could strangle you.  Meet me in the library.”  We had a very tense and vocal meeting, but alas I lost.



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