Product Review – Ovulation Days Blackberry App


As most of you are aware, I am trying to catch my rainbow and have become an ovulatory investigator.  I track my BBT (basal body temperature), CM (cervical mucus) and other ovulatory symptoms.  I will admit that I am horrendous at keeping track of all that information but after looking through the available app’s on my Blackberry, I found Ovulation Days.  Created by Sentinel Solutions, this is a free app that you can download onto your phone.

All you have to imput is your cycle length and the date of your last period and it will calculate when you are most likely to ovulate and when the best time to conceive is.  Obviously, red indicates your menstrual cycle, white indicates infertile times and green means its go time!  It also has symbols for if you are trying for a specific gender, although I’m not so sure how scientifically sound that is.  What I like most is that you are able to save notes such as your BBT, CM and if you are experiencing any moodiness, cramping, etc.  You are able to scroll through months and years to track your progress and it can be password protected so no one sees your personal information.

Here is its’ disclaimer;

The ovulation dates are calculated based on normal menstruation calculation logic for women having regular periods. This calendar works on simple calculation logic, so always consult with your doctor about pregnancy related matters. Women having irregular menstruation period are not advised to follow this calendar. You are advised to contact your doctor about any health related issue. Sentinel Solutions Ltd will not be responsible for consequences of any kind of wrong prediction of your ovulation or fertile days or accidental pregnancy.

   I would rate this a 4 out of 5 for ease of use and the fact it is free.


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  1. I have a similar app on my Android phone. I have realized that most women do not have the typical 28 day cycle or cd14 ovulation so its not always the most reliable way to predict ovulation. However, I do love that I can chart my bbt, cm, etc. its a great visual aid & almost always predicts my period correctly. 🙂

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