Interview with Amanda Lazarski of Amanda Lazarski Portrait Photography


Any parent will admit, we snap photos to hold onto the memories we cherish so deeply.  A single photo can illustrate a story that words cannot.  Some of us use our own camera’s or our smart phones, but sometimes we stumble across photographers who can truly capture the moment and make it look effortless.  I personally know of one whose photo’s speak for themselves.  Amanda Lazarski is a working mom of 3 precious children, owns her own successful photography business and manages to find the ultimate balance with stunning grace.  I will admit that I am slightly biased as Amanda and I have been friends since we were 14 years old and I was fortunate enough to attend her wedding as well as watching her at work as the go to photographer for my friends and family.

Based out of Trenton, Ontario, Amanda Lazarski provides many photography services such as Newborn, Maternity, Weddings, Family as well as Baby and Pregnancy Loss photography.  Amanda is affiliated with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, an organization that provides grieving families with beautiful photography in a compassionate setting.  With October being Pregnancy and Baby Loss Awareness Month, I know of many families that would greatly benefit from this type of service.

Why did you become a photographer? And why chose family portraitures?

I have always loved photographing others and locations, but what really pushed me was after the birth of my daughter 4 years ago, I realized how precious these moments are and how badly I wanted to capture them! I love photographing all stages, weddings, engagements, newborns and children. But now my focus tends to be more on Children and newborn portraits( Babies,Maternity,Families etc)

With 3 children of your own and one being a newborn, how do you find the balance between home life and work?

This is ALWAYS going to be tough like every job but I really think balance is key! Especially I have realized when you don’t have it everything starts to crumble. When I started out I spent way too much time photographing other families and very little on my own, through the years I have realized so much more is important, as my family really changes and grows I need to be able to devote myself to my little ones. Ages 8 months, 2 years and 4.

Do you draw inspiration from your own children?

Totally, the way you connect with a child and see who they are and their personality inspires me, and of course they are always my inspiration!

How has being a mom affected or influenced your work?

 I see things differently, even if the shot is not a smile, I understand that it may mean that it’s that sweet little expression that a parent can connect to and really cherishes when it’s captured.

The babies in your photo’s look so peaceful.  Tell me, what is your secret?  All the mom’s are dying to know.

Patience, although little ones are always sleepy in the shots, the outtakes can sometimes be a bit more revealing. Typically newborns sessions take anywhere from 2-4 hours in length, so you have to wait it out. Also practicing, I have been photographing newborns now for 4+ years, attended workshops, been mentored on posing, techniques and more, it takes time and a lot of dedication to get those sleepy shots parents adore!

How do you think being a working mom has transformed your parenting?

Hmmm this one is tough, there are pros and cons, I have had to cut back to maintain my family life currently with work, but I love being able to do something I am passionate about and stay home with my children, but supplement our income at the same time.

Can you give me a little background on your business?

We just re opened our studio back in the country where we live, after spending 2 years in a commercial studio space we decided it would be nice to be close to home and also have a bit more control over the hours of operation and area. My business I offer photography, professional products such as frames, albums, canvas, prints and more!

What tips can you offer parents wanting to take that “special” photo?

Capture life as it happens, and keep it simple! Over processing images can date them.

Are there any photographer’s that you admire? If so, who?

Totally! Memories By Marie, Karen Hunter Photography, Baby as Art, My Newborn is Art, Glow Portraits

Your pregnancy photo’s are stunning, what about it lead you to photograph it?

I have really went in a new direction lately just wanting to showcase the simplicity in the beauty of pregnancy, I think the fact that a new life is growing inside is just something remarkable and just needs to be captured. I myself did not have photographs taken when I was expecting with our daughter and until this day I still wish I had, and regretted that. Its one of those times in your life that is SO poignant in your memory.

Any advice on how to balance work and home life?

Trust your gut and watch your children, 9/10 times you CAN TELL! If you are not balancing your work life and home life, something is missing and everything will be off. When I am away too much my children miss me, and I miss them, their behaviour usually changes as well and they have a hard time coping. I also find that I feel like I am running around too much and not getting to “stop and smell the roses” and just enjoy life and them being little.

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  1. I came across this by happen chance, and what a beautiful gift you have to offer. It is evident that your passionate about what you do, and the heartfelt joy it brings to all areas of your life.
    Blessings to you and those you serve on this journey,

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