The Halloween Costume Dilemma


This year is the first year that the Princess will be choosing what she wants to be for Halloween.  Her first year she was the most adorable Lady Bug and last year she was Madonna.  My friend has two boys and they went as Elvis and Tommy Lee and our musical menagerie were just too cute!  My friend made the costume with a nothing more than a body suit, fabric glitter, lace and sticky jewels.  I added the hair piece and the tell-tale beauty mark and she captured the hearts of all the people whose door she knocked on.  Frankly, I think she was more of a treat than a trick!

Now this year, the Princess has been flip-flopping between Pirates and Vampires, Zombies and Princess’ (go figure!)  Now Hubby wants her to go as a zombie, while I think she would make an adorable vampire, but the Princess can’t seem to make up her mind.  We were given a princess costume that would be very nice, however, for those of you aware of Canadian Halloween’s, the costume doesn’t quite look the same with a snow suit underneath.  What was once a cute princess costume quickly turns into the Pilsbury Dough Boy.  I remember my mother always picking out our costumes and we always looked like pudgy versions of what we were going as.  One year I went as Xena the Warrior Princess and with my snow suit underneath, I was Xena the buffet Princess.  Just not a good look.  Oh the dilemma!

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