October Goals Revisited


You know the drill.  Every month I make a small list of things I want to achieve and October was no different.  So here are my October goals revisited.

  1. Watch 5 Horror Films.  I watched Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later, Pumpkinhead, The Craft and Dracula.
  2. Prepare the Princess’ Halloween Costume.  The Princess flip flopped for a very long time about what she wanted to be for Halloween, but she finally decided on a Princess, go figure.
  3. Thanksgiving and Halloween Crafts.  We took fallen leaves and used sponges to make stamps out of the leaves.  Then we used construction paper and googly eyes to make creepy monsters.
  4. Take a Fall walk.  One of my favourite part of Fall are the changing leaves.  The reds and browns and yellows and oranges are absolutely stunning.
  5. Make my own candy.  Do cookies count? LOL Because if they don’t, then I didn’t do this one.

The Princess’ Halloween Costume


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