Before and After – Refurbished Dressers for only $25!


Lately the Princess has been saying “that’s a great idea” all the time.  Doesn’t matter if it is making dinner or telling her it is time for a shower, everything is a “great idea”.  My “great idea” was to refurbish the dressers that once were my parent’s wedding present, then became my dressers when I was a poor struggling university student and have been makeshift dressers and storage for the Princess.  From the photo’s below you will see that 29 years can really take its toll on furniture.   I’m all about making old look like new and on a budget, so for only $25, we were able to take these dressers and make them look brand new.  All that was needed was a 945 mL latex glossy paint, knobs from Ikea, sandpaper and wood filler.  As Hubby is the handy type, he already had the paint brushes, sander and sandpaper and the wood filler, so all we needed were the knobs and paint.

On Monday, we emptied the Princess’ room and began sanding the dressers and removing the remainder of the knobs.  Wood filler did its job by filling in the dings and scrapes that were caused over time.  After they were washed, the first coat of paint went on.  As we had to paint in the Princess’ room she had to sleep in our bed, which meant that Hubby and I took turns sleeping on the couch as the Princess takes up an enormous amount of room for her short stature.  The fans were on and the windows open so thankfully none of the fumes travelled to the rest of our home.  Tuesday and Wednesday added another coat of paint and Thursday the knobs went on.  After 4 days, Hubby and I are pooped.   The Princess was not happy about being kept away from her room and tried to supervise as much as humanly possible and took her frustration out on us while we were sleeping.  Needless to say, the dressers look amazing and as Hubby says “Mommy only has great ideas…like redoing dressers and getting me to do them.” 🙂

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  1. Wow, impressive! I love the finished product. I have been thinking for a long while about revamping our kitchen and bathroom cabinet faces but I am a worried about how well I can pull it off. You make it look so easy. 🙂

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