Curse of the Stomach Bug


For all of those who are a little green, we have a Puke Alert here.  The Princess has been cursed with the Stomach Bug and it is wreaking havoc on her poor little tummy.   Usually the Princess is an early riser but this morning she took some poking and prodding to rise.  I had her breakfast ready and set out for her but she wouldn’t touch it.  I reached over to feel her forehead and cheeks and noticed that she was a little warm and her cheeks were flushed.  Uh oh.  I figured since her eyes were runny that she was possibly getting a cold or something so I was quick to administer a Children’s Tylenol to help ease the fever.  I asked her if she was well enough to go to school and she said was tired but she wanted to go to school because she is a part of a reading program and would get a new book today.  I checked her a bit later and the fever seemed to be subsiding with help from the Tylenol so I thought it was ok for her to go to school.  Boy was I wrong.  Boots, hat, mitts and winter coat were all on, back pack firmly placed on her back and we were off to school.  We were no sooner down the steps from our building when I hear this;

“Mom, I have to throw up,” the Princess squeaked through her hand that was clasped over her mouth.  The rush began up the stairs and to our apartment and finally got to the bathroom when it finally happened.  I can say while I’m not a fan of the Princess being sick, I was so grateful that she made it to the toilet in time.  She up until now hated puking in any kind of container and preferred vomiting on herself.  So at least the most clean up I had was wiping her mouth.

Off to the couch we went with the proverbial bucket planted before her, pillow under the head and her favourite blanket snuggling her.  I rubbed her tummy and then made the necessary phone calls to work and her school.  She is very upset that she won’t be getting a new book today but I will be reading to her just to help make her feel better.

From what I’ve gathered online, there are 2 main culprits for the stomach bug, rotavirus in the winter and adenovirus and echovirus in the spring and summer months.  Usually these clear up within a few days but still make our little ones uncomfortable.   Here are a few things to help ease their symptoms and help them feel better sooner.

  • Lots of rest.  No harm keeping them home and away from other children so that the virus doesn’t keep taking turns to all their school friends
  • Children’s Tylenol to ease the pain and fever.  A cold cloth on the forehead will help too
  • Hydration! This is critical.  Your little one may not feel like eating but dehydration is really serious so keep those fluids rolling.  Clear fluids like water, ginger ale, broth or pedialyte are great options.
  • When they feel up to it, try the BRAT diet; Bananas, rice, applesauce and/or toast.  Dry crackers work well to, but start slow in the beginning.
  • Hand washing is also important so that everyone else in the family doesn’t get sick too.



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