The Never-Ending Clean


I will admit that I don’t really enjoy cleaning.  My sisters so aptly named me Carley-No-Pots growing up because when I washed the dishes, I would always leave the pots behind.  It is bizarre because I thoroughly enjoy laundry and most outdoors chores, but dishes and vacuuming and scrubbing toilets provides me with about as much enjoyment as listening to a record of nails scratching on a chalkboard.

When I lived on my own and when Hubby and I first moved in together, the level of cleaning was pretty minimal.  It’s easy wash dishes for one or two people and laundry wasn’t that bad.  Don’t get me wrong, I despise cleaning but I’m no slob either.  I knew that the amount of cleaning would increase dramatically once the Princess was born, but holy cow, some days it looks like a bomb went off in our home.  Hubby and I will come together and clean our house from top to bottom and it seems like sometimes I will blink and Bam! it’s a mess again.

And lets not mention the laundry.  Just as soon as I finish all the laundry there is 17 million more loads to do in only 2 days times.  Gotta love the grass, juice, dirt and toothpaste stains.  And then the dishes.  The Princess reminds me of Boo from the movie Signs that uses a million different cups for water.  I find cups in her room, my bedroom, in the toy box and even in the bathtub.

There are days where I wish I could close my eyes and snap my fingers and poof! all the cleaning would be done, but alas, I am my only maid and it’s a job that a) I don’t get paid to do and b) despise.  C’est La Vie.


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  1. I so get you. Can you imagine the destruction and dirt 3 can create? and then I babysit a little girl a couple of time per week. she and ZooZoo can destroy this place in about 10 minutes. Top and bottom. I’d just like it stay clean once for about 24 hours….but I’d have to kick them all out for that to happen. including hubby. Better yet – I’d like a night away from the mess and have someone clean up after Me! ha

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