A Reflection on 2012


What a year 2012 was for me and my family.  It was  year of personal growth, accepting the past and new beginnings.  When I started this blog last January, my intent was not to have the most views or to make money, but to combine my two favourite things, writing and being a mom.  I have met lots of people in the blogging community, expressed myself and learned a lot along the way.  I have enjoyed the past year and am very hopeful to what 2013 has to offer.

Big Moments of 2012

  1. The Princess finally potty trained
  2. I ran my first 5K race
  3. The Princess finished daycare and started kindergarten
  4. I became pregnant after many years of trying and loss
  5. Writing this blog of course!

I try to set realistic goals for my New Years Resolutions such as read more books (which was my 2012 goal) and walk more, but this year I’m doing something a little different.  This year I’m focusing on my happiness.  I have to admit that I’m a pleaser.  Often I find myself doing things for other people to make them happy while making myself unhappy in the process.  It has worn on me and it’s possible that because I’m pregnant and the Princess is growing up so fast that I really have a new outlook.  My New Years resolution for 2013 is for once put myself first and purge my life of the people who only cause me stress.  I want to devote my time and energy to those who mean the most.  I hope that 2013 brings you all good things and happiness!


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