I Am Still Here


Hey everyone!  I know lately I’ve been posting pretty sparsely but I am still here.  I’ve been suffering from pretty constant migraines and experiencing Braxton Hicks,  so I’ve been laying low lately.  I now have a modified work schedule so hopefully with some extra time to rest I’ll get my second wind and be back posting regularly.  Thank you for still following and visiting!

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  1. I’ve been kind of scarce lately too. just waiting for this sickness/plague to leave my house. tonight it’s been ZooZoo. I just hope mama doesn’t get it.
    it was so weird when I was pregnant that my migraines completely went away!! curious.

    • Gotta love getting sick as a family. Whenever the Princess contracts something, Mom and Dad are sure to get it too! From what I understand, women who had migraines prior to becoming pregnant often get a reprieve from them during pregnancy and women who never got them prior get them during. I am getting roughly 2 a week which has been pretty brutal. I’ll get them at work or when it’s time to make dinner and I’m like “yup, cannot concentrate with all the pounding in my head right now!”

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