False Labour – What are the Signs?


Yesterday, I had thought that it was ‘time’.  I have been feeling pretty craptacular lately and while laying in bed I felt a gush and then contractions.  I called the hospital and they told me to come in.  Within an hour I was in the oh so flattering gown and hooked up to the monitors.  The doctor came in to inform me I was having mild contractions but that it was false labour.  I stayed home today to get some rest and my contractions were on and off but never increasing in intensity.  So I looked online and here are just a few signs that you are having false labour and not real labour.

  1. Contractions are unpredictable.  They vary in length, intensity and come at irregular intervals.
  2. Position of Pain.  With false labour, the pain is often located in your lower abdomen.
  3. Changes in Position.  With false labour, the contractions may subside by changing position or activity.
  4. Lack of Other Symptoms.  False labour lacks other symptoms such as bloody show or a broken water.
  5. Walking.  Unlike real labour, walking has no effect on false labour.

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  1. Geez! Don’t ya hate it when you go to the hospital under the impression that maybe it’s time!!!?? Yeah, I remember with my first two children (esp. my first) the many calls I made to my midwife with false labor contractions. I would go to the hospital at times and stay for a few hours on the monitor only to be told, that I can go home, that they were just mild contractions. Then they would tell me to get rest and drink lots of water, because sometimes when you’re really dehydrated, you can contract. Or when you are doing a lot moving, more than usual, you can contract. Braxton Hicks become really frequent at about 18 weeks, at least that’s when they start with me. I say…when you are in labor, YOU WILL KNOW IT!!! From the first contraction, it’s bearable but intense. They may be space at about 15 min or even more about, but just keep track, because if you start feeling the contr. getting closer and more intense, that’s Labor, and baby is super ready! Especially if you’ve already dilated. I know once I hit about 2 cm, I’m due at any moment that week or the next. Nothing more. Congratulations!!!

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