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Apologies for arriving late to the conversation about the fall in breastfeeding rates but I have been trying to compose my thoughts and gain some views before I wade in…

The press has been full of the arguments, the thoughts, the passion about feeding our babies. And the breastfeeders are at war with the formula feeders once more. I could analyse the arguments about the benefits but that is not really the point. Feeding is rarely about the facts, how we feed our babies is an emotional and complicated issue and women formula feed for so many different reasons. I don’t have an issue with women who want to formula feed their babies, why should I? But I do have an issue with the situation that many women find themselves in – stopping breastfeeding before they want to. This often leads to guilt, resentment  and sadness and these women are…

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    • It was reverse for me. My daughter was such a great nurser, but my son was born with ankyloglossia and needed an frenotomy in order to breastfeed. Poor latching, not getting enough milk, and severe nipple pain and damage were just a few things we experienced before his procedure. Now he’s doing really well, nursing much better and gaining weight. But we were guilted for supplementing with formula in the meantime to ensure he was getting enough food from nurses, lactation consultants and the breastfeeding clinic. I was trying my best but no one seemed to understand our predicament.

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