Junior Kindergarten is Finished!


Princess has officially completed her very first year of school.  Hard to believe that this school year has come and gone.  And not without its fair share of bumps.  The beginning of the year was rough, with Hubby and I contemplating whether or not we should keep her in.  I’m glad we did.  It took some time, but she toughed it out and came out the better.

She made  lots of friends, received Student of the Month, had her very first school dance, went on a school trip and received her first library card.  Her strength in math and science has really shone through.  She is able to do simple math in her head which makes me want to take refresher courses in math since it is definitely not my strong suit.

It has been a busy 9 months for her.  School, dance class with a recital and a new baby brother, she has taken everything in stride.  Hubby and I are so very proud of her and all that she has accomplished this year and as she enters Senior Kindergarten next year, we are hoping for bigger and better things for her.


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