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24th in the For Better or Worse collection, Lynn Johnston’s “Never Wink at a Worried Woman” follows the antics of the Patterson Family.  Granted, I have never read any of the other For Better or Worse comics before, but when passing the bookstore and seeing the cover and title, it was too irresistible not to purchase.

The story follows John and Elly, a married couple with 3 children.  Their son, Michael and his wife Deanna are in the throes of parenting and having to deal with Deanna’s intrusive mother.   Elizabeth is forging her way into her career as a teacher while her ex boyfriend has married another and April is suffering from pre-teen angst and all its glory.

I enjoyed the dialogue the most as it was believable.  At some point or another, I have either thought or said most of what the Patterson family says.  One of my favourite lines is when Elly is watching her granddaughter and April asks her mom how long do parent’s have to kid-proof their homes to which Elly replies, “about 20 years.”  I found the dialogue to be witty, where at some points I was chuckling out loud.  The storyline is true to life and it’s a fast read as I only read it in a few hours.

Another great thing about this novel is that despite being a part of a rather lengthy series, I was still able to read the story without wondering who was this character, and most of the history was discernible that it didn’t leave parts of the story segmented.  3 out of 5 stars.

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