Survival of the Fittest by Jonathan Kellerman


“Survival of the Fittest” by Jonathan Kellerman is a psychological crime thriller with a Darwinistic twist gone awry.

I unknowingly selected this book without realizing that this was a part of a series, but this novel can stand alone. I’m not entirely big into psychological thrillers, and especially cop ones, but the title caught my eye.  Then upon reading the back, I knew that I could really get into this novel.  It starts off with Office Nolan Dahl committing suicide in public, psychologist, Dr. Alex Delaware is hired to help his sister come to find some answers.  The Dr. Delaware and detective Milo Sturgis are called to the crime scene of Irit Carmeli, the daughter of an Israeli diplomat. At first, the diplomat denies any political motive, but as the bodies begin piling up, the victims all have one thing in common.

In a game of cat and mouse, Dr. Delaware and Det. Sturgis must find out who’s on their side and who is behind these crimes with a eugenical twist. Does the officer Nolan Dahl have something to do with it? Is it politically driven? It is up to Delaware and Sturgis to find the killer and stop the senseless murders of the disabled and bring the New Utopia to justice.  Kellerman does a fantastic job of weaving a great plot, driven characters and Los Angeles as its main setting. A great, fast read, and enjoyable on its own as well as part of a series.

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