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Quotes About Aunts


Early last month, my sister gave birth to my wonderful nephew and I finally got to hold the little bundle of joy.  I thought I would post some quotes about why it’s awesome to be an aunt.

An aunt adds beauty, joy and love to life.

Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend.

An aunt is a gift whose worth cannot be measured except by the heart.

Aunt, you’re forever in my heart.

An aunt makes life a little sweeter.

An aunt is a joy to remember your whole life through.

A wonderful aunt, a special friend on this we both agree, so much a part of lovely times we keep in memory.

God couldn’t be everywhere so he created Aunts.

A garden of love grows in my aunt’s heart.

There are angels walking on this earth disguised as aunts.

An aunt grows more precious as time goes by.

Aunt, may your heart be filled wilth light and love, may your life be touched by beauty, and may your home be warm with happiness.

Everything is nicer when shared with an aunt.

An aunt grows more treasured as time goes by.

I’ve Got Great News!


I’ve got great news, my sister is going to be a first-time Mommy and that means I’m going to be an Auntie!  I am so happy and excited.  My Princess was the first grand baby on both sides and has been spoiled by her extended family.  Princess has a cousin now on her Dad’s side as her uncle and aunt gave birth to their little girl earlier this year.  Now she will have another cousin to add to her family.

When Princess was born, my sister’s and I came up with nicknames that our future children would call us.  My sisters are Auntie Mimi and Auntie Mo Mo to Princess and then it came to be my turn.  My name doesn’t start with “M” like my sister’s names do so what would I be called? Auntie Ca Ca, no I don’t think so.  Aunt Coco?  No thank you, reminds me too much of Ice T’s wife.  I prefer Auntie Cici, but my sister, in all her humour, wants Aunt Char Char Binks.  I am not a fan at all.

I am excited to see her belly and to feel the baby kick.  I like that our children will be able to play with one another.  We always grew up around our cousins and I want that for Princess.  I really want to live closer to my sister so that our children can see each other on a frequent basis and so that I can help out my sister as she helped me.  My sister watched Princess for a week while Hubby had surgery and even came to Toronto to watch her for a few days when we were in the middle of looking for daycare after our Nanny robbed her piggy bank.  I know she’ll be a fantastic mother and her hubby will be a great dad.  I’m so happy for them and cannot wait to hold their baby and my niece/nephew for the first time.