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Student of The Month


I am so very proud to announce that the Princess won Student of The Month for January for Outstanding Teamwork. I picked up Princess from school and I had noticed the teacher had put a blue paper in her bag. I just thought it was another craft. The Princess didn’t say anything about the award and when we got home, I checked her bag and found the award. She had the biggest smile on her face and I was cheering her and texted Hubby right away.

“Are you proud of me Mommy?” she asked.

“I’m so very very proud of you. This is amazing Princess!”

I hung it on the refrigerator and started telling everyone I knew. I am so happy that she won the award especially after the rocky start she had in September. She’s finally hitting her stride and getting comfortable with school. She’s letting that super personality shine through and helping her peers. I know I’ve said it already but I’m one proud Mama!

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award


I have been graciously given the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Lydia at lifeloveandlydia.wordpress.com.   With all her posts, you can tell that she is a very genuine and kind-hearted person, with infinite dedication to family, friends and her faith.  She definitely inspired me when she too ran a 5K race and that definitely was  great motivator for me for my race.  Be sure to check out her blog,  you’ll be glad you did!

The Award Requirements

1)      Display the award logo on your blog.
2)      Link back to the person who nominated you.
3)      State 7 things about yourself.
4)      Nominate other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5)      Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

7 Things About Me!

  1. My favourite ice cream is Pralines & Cream!  Anytime I go to buy a treat from Baskin Robbins, it is always Pralines & Cream in a waffle cone.  Mmm delicious!
  2. My favourite poem is “She Walks in Beauty” by Lord Byron.
  3. When Hubby, Princess and I eat dinner, I will not begin to eat unless Hubby has started.  It’s weird I know, it’s not from some household rule, but just out of habit I guess.
  4. Raspberries are my favourite berry.
  5. I hate locking my doors.   This drives Hubby crazy, but I don’t like being locked in.
  6. I have recently fallen in love with Michael’s Craft Store.  In an attempt to be crafty, I went to Michael’s and fell head over heels.
  7. I prefer to hand scrub my floors.  Hubby always reminds me that we have a mop, but there is something stress relieving and cleansing about getting on our hands and knees and scrubbing away the dirt.  Hard on the knees but good for my peace of mind!

Bloggers I Nominate;

  1. Motherhood is an Art
  2. Musings from Mommyland
  3. Shoes on the Wrong Feet
  4. Bucket List Publications
  5. Glitter Frog

Sisterhood of the World Blogger’s Award


I have been nominated for another award by Jennifer at Parentista.  A big thanks to Jennifer for nominating me and here are a few things about me.

  1. When I was in highschool, I wanted to be a Forensic Scientist
  2. My favourite book is “Jacob Have I Loved” by Katherine Paterson
  3. I am a notorious knuckle cracker, it’s a fierce habit that I have thus far been unable to break
  4. I still call my almost four year old “Baby Girl”
  5. I prefer cuddling in the morning when I’m waking up, not when I’m trying sleep
  6. I was a die hard Backstreet Boy fan when I was a pre-teen and the last concert I went to of theirs was when I was pregnant with my daughter
  7. I have a very dry, sarcastic sense of humour

Here are the blogs that I nominate;

  1. http://clotildajamcracker.wordpress.com/
  2. http://lesleycarter.wordpress.com/
  3. http://justinawei.wordpress.com/
  4. http://blog.shoesonthewrongfeet.com/
  5. http://amayajoyfonville.wordpress.com/
  6. http://lifeloveandlydia.wordpress.com/
  7. http://canadianmommytime.wordpress.com/

If you’ve been nominated above, here’s what you have to do:

*Post the awards on blog

*Thank the blog/blogger for the nomination

*List seven things about yourself

*Nominate seven bloggers for the award