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Best Friends, Beer, Boats and BBQ, the 4 B’s of Life


564233_421218287901925_684208018_n My best friend whom I mentioned in a previous post came to visit for the weekend and of course we had an awesome time.  We always plan to go for random adventures and this time I wanted to do something she’d enjoy.  On a previous visit she had mentioned that she really enjoyed culinary trips which gave me an idea.  Toronto is known for it’s food trucks and what a better surprise than to take her on a food truck extravaganza.

On Saturday, we got ready and headed downtown.  Most of Toronto’s food trucks were at Echo Beach for the CBC Music 011Festival but Hogtown Smoke was at Leon’s in front of the Roundhouse.  Her and I both enjoy BBQ so this truck was a great choice.  Hogtown Smoke is Toronto’s mobile BBQ Smoke House and it far more than delivered on taste.  I ordered the Beef Brisket on a Bun and slathered it in the Hogtown Smoke Original Mild BBQ Sauce.  I instantly regretted my decision to wear a white top as the chances of making a mess grew exponentially.  The beef was tender, tasty and cooked to perfection.

After we let the food settle, we walked over to the Roundhouse which houses the Steam Whistle Brewery.  While I don’t drink beer even when not pregnant, my friend loves it.  They were handing our complementary beer which only added to the delicious BBQ we just finished.  We checked out the model train displays they had in the front and then were off to the Harbourfront.


It was Doors Open Toronto and the water front was busy with boats.  Captain Flinders and his Pirates had invaded Toronto and I thought that her and I could enjoy a boat tour of Lake Ontario.  For only $15, we were able to check out the Toronto Islands, enjoy some quality time and chat.  Overall it was a wonderful afternoon downtown.  Later that evening, we went to the movies and saw The Hangover 3, which wasn’t as good as the previous two.


It was an awesome weekend with a more awesome friend.

Catching Up


Hey everyone!  Sorry that I have been missing in action lately but it has been one hectic week.  Of course the Princess had her first week of school and now that I am part-time so that I can drop her off and pick her up, we’ve all been just trying to adjust to our new schedules.  Princess has really enjoyed school thus far, but this Mommy is surprised at the amount of money the school has asked for so far.  Apparently, the Canadian Government has not allotted the school enough money to fulfill their budget and has asked for the parents to come up with the rest in the name of education.  I have been asked to “donate” $100 for the Princess as according to the school, this is what she will cost for the school year.  We’ve also been asked to come up with the year’s worth of pizza days as well have been sent 3 Scholastic book orders.  It’s been three days and they are asking for $200!

Princess has already started Kinderdance at a local dance studio.  Saturday morning, we got her all dressed up and off we went.  There is only 1 word to describe what occurred during that class; CHAOS!  Utter chaos.  The instructor was off due to a death in the family and a student filled in.  In one class of 10 children, only 2 listened the entire time.  All the parents watched on and tried to intervene and tell their children to listen. For a six lettered word, it fell on deaf ears.  The student at one point came out and asked for help controlling the class to which the director shrugged.  Poor girl.  One child put a hole in the wall, two others fought the entire time and most hung upside down from the bars on the mirrors.  Like I said, chaos.  The director ensured us that within 4 weeks that the class would be under control. I’ll believe that when I see it.  After dance, we were off to a family BBQ.  Members from England were supposed to show up, but didn’t, but that’s ok as other family was there and we had a great time and great food.

Have a great day and we will see you soon!


Cookie Ideas – Lego Cookies

Lego Man Cookies care of Sugarbelle

Lego Man Cookies care of Sugarbelle

I am always looking for new fun, kid-friendly recipe ideas and I especially like ideas that can be used for a variety of events and festivities.  I stumbled across a website called The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle and saw these cookies.  In the shapes of Lego, these cookies can be used for birthday parties, BBQ’s, bake sales and baby showers.  Using bright colours, these cookies really pop.  For the recipe, please click here.

Sugarbelle has a variety of recipes and cookie ideas and also provides tutorials for all of us that may be baking-challenged.  Personally, I cook better than I bake, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.  My three year old can’t tell the difference between good cookies, and mommy’s mistake, half-burnt, baking mess up’s.  Cookies are cookies for her and she is a Cookie Monster.  I am definitely keeping tabs on this website, these cookie ideas are simply brilliant!