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I Dream of Sleep!


I don’t ever remember feeling so tired for so long.  It seems since the moment I became pregnant with my daughter, sleep was a luxury. The definition of sleep is to take the rest afforded by a suspension of voluntary bodily functions and the natural suspension, complete or partial of consciousness.  For all the mother’s out there, let me ask you this question; When was the last time you got a complete nights sleep?

Recently, my daughter has been off her sleeping pattern.  No longer does she sleep from 8 – 7 with a lovely 3 hour nap in between.  Now its up late, wake up in the middle of the night,up very early and barely any nap.  Let the weeping begin.  I prided my daughter’s ability to sleep.  She was a trooper like her Mom.  By 2 months, she was sleeping from 11 – 5 with numerous naps throughout the day.  I never had to fight to put her to bed, she loved her bed.

Let me paint an image for you.  It is a weeknight.  3 am.  I am slumbering away in dreamland, when I awaken to hear the click click of her doorknob.

“Mommy.  Mom.  Mommyyyyyyyyyyy!” She bellows.

Maybe if I don’t answer, she’ll go to bed.

“Daddy.  Dad.  Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” Nope, she’s awake and NOT going back to bed.

My hubby croaks, “She’s not going back to bed, just answer her.”  She called you last I thought to myself.

“Princess, what’s wrong?”

“Mommy, I can’t open my door.”

“Go back to bed Honey.”

“I don’t want to.” Saw that coming.

“Why not?”

“I want to watch a movie and eat a cookie.”  Well at least she’s honest.

“Boo, it’s 3 in the morning, you’re not watching a movie and eating cookies.”

“Can I come in your bed?”  Ugh.  I crawl over my hubby who is groaning over the thought of sharing a bed with a toddler that awakens each morning in a new and sprawled out position.

I stumble to her door and she is waiting for me on the other side.  She lifts her arms and commands “up” and the lays her head on my shoulder and resumes sucking her thumb.  Oh yes, I have a thumb sucker.

I lay her down in between us.  I am hoping that she will go back to sleep after all, Mommy and Daddy need to work in the morning.  Hope is folly.  First, the constant thumb sucking sound is loud and wet.  I tell myself over and over again “it’s just white noise.”  Ok, sleepy time.  Not likely.  My princess then begins to toss and turn,  flip and flop, until hubby barks for her to lie still and go to bed.  Five minutes go by before the motion begins again.  This time it’s flailing limbs.  They are tapping Daddy’s shoulders, kicking off blankets, digging into Mommy’s back and little fingers twirling around my hair.

“Honey, go to sleep or you are going back to your bed.” I grumble.


“Because its sleepy time.”

“Why Mommy?”

“Because Mommy and Daddy need to work in the morning and you have to go to daycare.”


“Because we have bills to pay.”

“Why?”  My patience is growing thin, and so is hubby’s.

“Because darling it costs money to live.”


“Because nothing is free.”


“Ok, listen,” I sit up, rubbing my eyes.  “Honey, it’s late, Mommy and Daddy are very tired and we really, really, really need sleep.”

She lays quiet.  I lie down and wait until she starts up again.  Time keeps passing and she is remaining quiet.  Maybe she is actually going to go to sleep.  Ahhh, my eyes are heavy.  I begin to drift in and out of sleep.  Just when I am at the brink of sliding serenely onto the night train, this is what I hear;

‘Mommy, I want a pony.” That’s it!  My hubby has had enough.  He picks her up and begins to walk to her room.

“Ok Boo, we’ll see you in the morning.  You gotta sleep in your bed tonight.”

“Ok Dad.”

Finally.  My hubby walks back into the room and turns to me before laying his head down he says, “She is never, ever, sleeping in here again.”

I’m sold.  I check the time, its 4:30, a hour and a half since she woke up and we have got her back into her bed.  Ok, now it’s sleepy time.

Click. Click.

“Mommy.  Mom.  Mommyyyyyyyyy.  I can’t open my door.”

Oh my goodness, what now? 5:25 am and she is wide awake.  Only before I get to answer, she has opened her door and is now staring me right in the face.

“Hi Mommy.  I want to watch a movie and eat a cookie.”  This time, she doesn’t go back to bed.  We are up and our day has officially begun.  I am not usually a coffee person, but on that day, I needed 2 coffees.