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5 Best Things After Giving Birth


Giving birth can make you exhausted so it’s not surprising that women sigh with relief after it’s all over.  Here are my top 5 favourite things after giving birth.

  1. The Baby.  Obviously, this is number 1.  Seeing the face of your little one and counting all the toes and fingers and giving kisses.  Seeing my children’s faces for the first time was simply unforgettable.
  2. Showering.  OMG!  This is easily my second favourite.  I cannot tell you how good it felt to finally have a shower.  You feel so sticky and sweaty and to have that hot water wash it all away is just spectacular.  After 32 hours labour and a C-section with the Rainbow, it was almost 3 days before I could shower.  I was afraid that after my shower he wouldn’t be able to recognize me.  “You’re not my mom.  My mom smells like sweat, blood and local anaesthetic.”
  3. Eating.  With epidurals and chances of caesarean, more often than not, the only thing you can eat while in labour is ice chips and we all know how filling they are.  After my C-section, I made hubby to a food run.  It had been 2 days of no food and I was HUNGRY!  And let’s be honest, hospital food isn’t that great.
  4. Laying on your Back.  I’m a back sleeper.  I have my pillow under my neck and one under my knees and I have to say sleeping on my side was one of my least favourite things about being pregnant.  Too bad now I barely sleep because I have an infant who has his days and nights mixed up.
  5. Sleeping in your own bed.  I was so happy to finally get home and crash into my bed.  After soaking my hospital beds with amniotic fluid, blood and sweat, I just wanted my nice clean sheets, with my nice fluffy pillows in a room that didn’t smell like a sterile hospital.

Best Laid Plans


“The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.” – Robert Burns


Turns out that this will be the Rainbow’s mantra from here on out.  As of last Thursday, we had gone forward and booked a C-section for this upcoming week, but low and behold, the Rainbow had plans of his own.  I don’t know if he thought me saying “It’s time to get this over with” were mere idle threats, but maybe after booking the c-section, he realized I meant business.  Early on the weekend, I went into natural labour.  Hubby and I found care for the Princess and made our way into the hospital.  We were checked and monitored but as we were only in the early stages, we were sent home to ride out the contractions until they were 5 minutes apart.  So we got back home and waddled until the pain was just to much for me.  We tried the bathtub and eventually I just laid in bed and laboured until we hit the 5 minute mark.   I originally wanted a VBAC and since I went into labour naturally the on-call doctor agreed to let me trial labour.

It was loooonnggg.  After 32 hours and lots and lots of drugs, I finally made it to 10 cm and got to push.  It was not easy.  For some odd reason, this labour made me vomit every time I moved so having to make myself hunch over my belly only made this worse, not to mention apparently me and epidurals don’t mix since I still felt some.  However, after 20 minutes, Rainbow’s heartbeat began to give out and the doctor informed us that he wouldn’t last if we continued.  Up until that point, he had tolerated the labour well, and while I vomited, had my blood pressure drop, and had tachycardia, I had managed quite well too.  But within 5 minutes, we were being wheeled into the OR.  And to be honest, thank god.  As I had mentioned in a previous post, Uterine Rupture can happen with VBAC’s and when the doctor cut me open, it turns out I was well on my way to one.  After 32 hours of labour, my uterus had thinned out so much that the doctor merely touched it with his finger and it tore.  Also, because Rainbow was so big, a bit of damage was done to my bladder causing a lot of blood to fill my insides.   Needless to say, if I had continued on with natural labour, both him and I may not be here today.  The C-section was longer than usual to repair all the damage, but both Rainbow and I are doing much better and are being very well taken care of.

Born only 4 minutes after Father’s Day, we welcomed our 8 lbs 8 oz little boy into this world.  Hubby, Princess and myself couldn’t be happier.  He is a wonderful eater, great sleeper and all around cute!  Him and I have spent many hours cuddling and at the hospital where we delivered him, they have a service where they provide professional photos on the day of their birth.  The shoots themselves and the discs are all provided the day of so there is no waiting.  Hubby and I had no intention of getting professional photos done this early, but hey, who can beat same day service?


Baby Boy is Almost Here!


So it looks as though our Rainbow will be finally making his appearance soon.  Originally we had intended to deliver him via VBAC however life doesn’t always go the way you plan.  At 37 weeks, my doctor ordered an additional ultrasound as I was measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule and he wanted to ensure that the baby was in the correct position and determine his weight.  Well, boy oh boy, he is big!

At 37 weeks gestation, our Rainbow was estimated to weigh 9 lbs. already and was in the 90th percentile for babies of his gestational age.  My doctor has been very supportive in our decision to attempt a VBAC, but after the last 2 check ups, things have changed.  Turns out that our Rainbow is so big that he is unable to drop into my pelvis thus not engaging and triggering labour.  Our doctor said that if we truly wanted to do a VBAC, he would let us go to 41 weeks, but he warned me that it would likely be a long, hard and complicated birth that may end up in a C-Section anyways.  He also said that since our boy hadn’t dropped yet, it wasn’t exactly a good indication of things to come.  So after much deliberation, we have booked a C-Section for next week.

I was hopeful that we would get to have a natural birth, but I also do not want any complications causing undue harm to myself or our baby boy.  We have been through so much just to conceive him that putting myself and him in a situation that could cause complications, uterine rupture or him getting stuck and then having to make emergency decisions in the throe of things seems unnecessary and not in our best interests.  I’m not overly ecstatic about the idea of a C-Section, but with all things considering, it’s the very best option.  Thankfully Hubby will be taking 2 weeks off of work to stay home and help me with our Rainbow and Princess as well as letting me recover.   Also, by mere coincidence, Rainbow will be born on his due date.  Now how often does that happen?

To my Hubby


Happy’s Father’s Day to all those great men out there! I have one very special man in my life and the last 6 years together have been a true blessing in my life. And not to mention he has been the very best Dad to our wonderful Princess!
I remember when I first told him that we were expecting. Him and I were only 21 and 22 respectively, and I was still in school. We lived 5 hours away from each other, so how would we make this work? Needless to say the decision was easy, we were having our Princess. I ended up moving to Toronto at 6 months, but prior to moving, Hubby made the 5 hour trip on the weekends. He took me maternity clothes shopping, was present for the ultrasound and all the necessary cuddling.
He held my hair during my 7 months of morning sickness, helped indulge my cravings, fetched the Tums for my heartburn and cried when we almost lost the Princess when I was 3 months.
The Princess had trouble coming into the world. We had spotting at 3 months, I went into early labour at 7 months and when it was time to deliver her, she went into distress and wrapped the cord around her neck. It took only 30 minutes from the time they told us to when I was being prepped in the OR.
My c-section was no regular surgery either. The epidural gave me an improper block so when they cut into me, I felt everything. Hubby could hear me screaming and crying from the waiting room. The nurse came out and said that he needed to say goodbye to me. He was stunned, he thought he would be able to be there to cut the cord, hear her first cry, but instead he was left out of the loop as to what was happening. Before he was allowed to enter the room, the nurse stopped him at the door and said these words;
“If we have to save one, which one do you want us to save?”
He choose me, but before people get upset and assume he didn’t care for the life of his child, he wanted both of us to be ok. This is a big question to put onto the shoulders of a 21 year old. Either his wife’s or child’s life literally hung in his hands and he was forced to make a decision. We both came out fine, but despite the Princess being born at 7:56 am, I didn’t get to hold her until 1 pm. The anesthesia took forever to wear off, so it was Hubby that took care of the Princess. He gave her the first feeding, held her and calmed her, all the while watching over me. For this alone, I am eternally grateful.
And in the last 3 years, he has been the very best father and husband to us. He has changed diapers from day one, burped, fed, gotten up in the middle of the night, woken up early, worked his butt off to provide for us, cooks, cleans, and even let’s the Princess work her make up skills on him. His toes are currently a beautiful shade of red from the latest nail polish the Princess received.
He picks up the Princess from daycare, goes to her school concerts, he is the very best Dad to our daughter and she loves him more than anything. She is the spitting image of her Daddy and both of them have my heart.
I am dedicating this post to my Hubby, you are the most wonderful husband and father and our Princess is so very lucky to have you as her Dad! Happy Father’s Day <3!