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I Got Beef…Well Sorta


Sometimes when I have had a long day and need to turn my brain into mush, I will watch TV.  And of course you cannot watch TV without watching commercials every 5 minutes.  I drown them out as commericals are crap but sometimes a commercial will play that makes me scream out “I call Bull $hit!” A Boston Pizza commercial was unfortunate enough to receive such an exclamation.  My beef, claiming their “All Meat Wings” are actually chicken wings.  Here is a definition of a wing;

Wingnoun, either of the two forelimbs of most birds, corresponding to the human arms, that are specialized for flight.  A wing consists of a wing shoulder, feathers, drumettes, mid-joint wing, and wing tip.

This is a chicken wing!

I am no Ornithologist or understand the complete skeletal system of a chicken, but having raised 200 of them from chicks to sending them on their way to the slaughter-house, I will tell you what I know for sure.  Wings have bones in them. Boston Pizza’s Boneless wings, don’t have bones in them, and are not made from wing meat!  Again, I call Bull $hit!  On their online website, their “supposed” boneless wings is “a boneless wing, lightly breaded and fried, made with seasoned chicken breast.”  Wait, what?!  Did they just say that their “wings” were made of “seasoned chicken breast”? Umm.  I didn’t know breasts could fly?  Oh, that’s right, it’s bull $hit!

Boston Pizza Meatless Chicken Wing

Now some may say I’m being nitpicky or that I am wasting my time complaining about the difference between a wing and a boneless wing, but if you are going to essentially make a chicken nugget, just call it a chicken nugget.  I know there were and probably are a lot of people who saw this commercial and went out and bought these little gems.  Sheep!  Sheep I tell you!  Did you know that Boston Pizza sells Thai Chicken Bites and Chicken Fingers that consist of seasoned chicken breast and are LESS expensive than those so-called wings?  If I were a patron of Boston Pizza, I would not pay a chicken wing price for a chicken nugget.  But people did and people still are.  Don’t be fooled by the flashy commercials and their motto “here to make you happy.”  They are here to fool sheeple and cheat them out of money!