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Christmas Tree Door Ornament


With the holidays right around the corner, I took some time and crafted a door ornament.  I went to Michael’s with no craft idea in mind but it didn’t take long to see a few items that stood out and the ideas started flowing.


  • Mod podge
  • Brush
  • Stock card paper
  • Ribbon
  • Sequins
  • Coloured Bells
  • Poinsettia Buttons
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • White Glue
  • Pencil & scissors
  • Wooden Christmas Ornament (I used a tree)


  1. Place card stock print side down and place the wooden Christmas ornament on top and trace.  Cut out the shape.
  2. Using the brush, mod podge the card stock, print side up, onto the ornament.  Let dry.
  3. While the mod podge is drying, start making the ribbon star.  Loop the ribbon and hot glue the centre.  Then creat more loops until you have a star, glueing the centre as you go around.  Glue a coloured bell to the centre as decoration.
  4. Once the mod podge is dry, glue the ribbon star to the top.  Now using the white glue, create the sequins garland.
  5. I found very cute Poinsettia buttons and simply cut off the back and glued them to the tree, acting as decorations.
  6. Glue the coloured buttons to the bottom to act as the tree trunk.
  7. Feel free to use different card stock, colours and ornaments, make this your own!  Enjoy.

Christmas Tree Door Ornament

ABC Scavanger Hunt


With the new school year approaching, we are trying to ensure that Princess has a grasp on her ABC’s.  However, my Princess is stubborn.  Very stubborn.  From before she was born, she was trying to prove a point that she was going to do it on her own sweet time.

I went into early labour at 7 months.  The doctors were able to stop my labour, and Miss Princess was not happy they had hindered her arrival.  So as payback she was overdue and I had to be induced which then led to emergency c-section.  Then when it came to crawling, she took her dear sweet time.  She was 9 months before she crawled and that was not due to lack of trying on my part.  I gave her tummy time from the time she was 3 months and even the doctor said she had the strength, she was just being lazy.  She was a tumble weed in our home, rolling everywhere she needed to go.  Why would she need to crawl when she could easily manuever her way around by rolling around.  But then one day, she decided she was going to crawl and that was it.  The same can be said for walking.  The doctors swore she’d be crawling by 11 months as she could stand and her legs were strong.  But it was 14 months when she took her first steps and within days, she was running.  She wasn’t wobbly on her feet either, she was running as fast as she could and I had to be quick to react.  And then there was potty training.  I was convinced she was going to university in diapers but once she got into her head that she was going to do it, she did it.  We only had 2 accidents.  She’s always been one of those children that take forever to get something, but once they do, its instant.  It’s frustrating to no end and learning our ABC’s seems to be taking the same route.


I bought her books and flash cards to aid in her learning and while she really enjoys the flash cards, she gets easily discouraged with the books.

“Mommy I can’t do this,” she whines slamming the marker down.

“Princess, yes you can.  You are so smart.  I know it’s hard, but with practice, you’ll get it,” I reassure her.

“This is hard.”  She frowns and sticks out her bottom lip.

I tried giving the books a break to see if over time there would be a renewed interest, but we went through the same motions tonight.  I learned very young that it was folly to attack the same situation from the same angle.  So I decided that I would try a different route.  An ABC scavenger Hunt.  I cut out large colourful letters, just starting with A, B, & C to start as not to overwhelm her and I posted those said letters around our home near objects that those items start with and made a game out of it.  I’m hoping that maybe to see the letters next to the items will aid in her learning while making it fun at the same time.  Finger’s crossed that the Princess’ short attention span will find this much more fun than the work books.

C is for Clock


B is for Book


Redecorating my Bathroom


I remember when Hubby and I moved in together.  Our apartment consisted of hand-me-down furniture and an uncompromising mixture of our two very distinct and eclectic tastes.  He is into carved wooden “crap” as I call it.  There are masks and tall statue of a man holding a lizard or that’s what it looks like anyways.  Drives me bonkers.  He dislikes my taste as well, but that’s simply because I have some.  Over the last year we have been making subtle changes to our home and redecorating some of the rooms.  Some are still in progress but our bathroom was one of my favourites to do and it’s completed LOL.  Here are the before’s and after’s.

The Before


More Accessories

For those much needed bubble baths

This is the Art Project I did for the Bathroom – Collage of Princess’ Baby Bath Photos

This Knitting is hard!


I will be the first to admit it, I’m not overly crafty.  My Nan could knit, and so could my aunt.  My grandmother quilted with the best of them and many of my aunts can make desserts that can rival any pastry chef.  My one sister knits, sews and quilts, and my other sister can draw and knit.  I am all thumbs.  But I am determined to join the elite club of crafting and I’m starting with knitting.

Pattern Book #1

For Christmas, my sister bought me a book for beginners and a book of patterns.  She bought me needles, looms, and yarn.  I tried to learn on my own, but the outcome was horrendous.  I could cast on, but I somehow couldn’t manage to create my first row.  When my sister came down, she showed me how, but my stitches were too tight.  Then they were too loose.  I got frustrated and left an unfinished piece still on the needles in a bag stuffed in the corner for months.

My starting piece

This weekend I was determined to pick it up again.  I started fresh and tried to do my first row again.  I ran into the same problems as before.  These how-to books couldn’t teach you how to tie your shoes let alone knit.  I am much more of a visual learner, so what better place to find a video of how to knit than Youtube.  So much better.  Granted I did increase by accident and my end stitches are a little loose, but it’s better than what I was doing before.  The video below is the one I found to be the easiest.

So here is hoping that by year’s end, I will have some sort of finished product, albeit I’m not counting the doll cape I made for Princess dolly Reggie (she watched Slap Shot with Paul Newman with her Daddy and the name stuck…poor doll).