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A Great Place to have a Child’s Birthday Party


November 11th marked my daughter’s 3rd birthday, 11/11/11, and it was 3-11’sand she was turning 3, so it was a birthday we HAD to celebrate.  My hubby wanted a small family birthday but I wanted a big celebration and after much negotiating, I won.  It was also the first time that we would be inviting the other children from her daycare.  I wanted to look for an indoor playground that would fit the amount of people we were looking to invite as well as be fun for the kids and have seating for the parents.  We had taken her to Chuck-E-Cheese for her first birthday and I didn’t like that we had to share the entire place with a dozen other families.  I also wanted it for a good price.  After researching different places and locations, I remembered a place that I used to take my daughter while I was Maternity Leave.

Amazon Indoor Playground was a 10 minute drive from my home and had a 60 person capacity.    We ordered the Big Monkey Party Package which gave us private use of the playground for 2 hours, a party host helped set up and they supplied plates, cups, napkins & forks, as well as coffee for the adults.  A birthday balloon was given to the birthday child and they also used decorations in the same colours you were looking for.  With a group of 20 children, this only cost $299.00 plus taxes.

Deli Sliders

Now when it came to ordering food, I had one child that was allergic to dairy.  Now with Pizza out of the question, what was I going to feed 20 hungry, picky children.  I ended up ordering from a local Toronto catering company called Pumpernickel’s Deli & Catering.  We ordered a small platter of baby burgers for the kids and deli sliders for the adults.  They were a hit!  Some of the parents were actually substituting their deli sliders for their kids baby burgers.

Baby Burgers

Overall it was a fantastic party.  Some parents said their children kept telling them they now had to throw their children’s party there.  I didn’t have to worry about cleaning up, the kids could play while the adults chatted among themselves.  I had no dishes to do and the kids loved the bouncy castle!  Check out Pumpernickel’s Blog or their Twitter @Pumpernickels1 .